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  • Spencer Mewha
    WHAT S THE REAL AGENDA OF THE ANTI PAEDOPHILE BRIGADE? I don t see how these people [the anti paedophile brigade [APB]] can even pretend that they have
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2002
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      I don’t see how these people [the ‘anti paedophile’ brigade [APB]] can even pretend that they have children’s best interest at heart. Furthermore, I am really angry at their actions. They make men scared to love and look out for children. That is there actions and I believe that they may well cause more children’s deaths and injuries by demonising men.


      Today my 41/2-year-old daughter left school and walked up the street unaccompanied. Now praise be that I was walking to get her and that she was only 30 yards outside the gate when I reached her. I was frightened, frustrated, and hurt. Anyhows, I tell you this because there were two men outside the gates. Now these men, I imagine, are like most men in that we don’t look at children, right. Now here’s the point, if those men had been watching my child then they would have noticed that she was heading towards a busy road by herself.


      Now the reason that us men don’t look at children is because the APB has done such a thorough job of demonising any man who looks at a child. But you know what, I want men, and women, to be looking out for my child and watching that she doesn’t walk in front of a speeding car. And I don’t have words strong enough to express my hatred of the actions of the ‘anti paedophile’ brigade. I really don’t, they almost caused me the life of my child. But then I know the facts like: it’s more likely that my child will be hit by lightening that it is that she will be abducted by a stranger. These people have to be stopped before more children end up dead, in front of cars, because of their careless and sick propaganda.




      I wrote a piece on this before:


      Further abuse of men


      You'll have noticed all the hype about paedophilia. Now the reality is that your child is more likely to be hit by lightening than they are to be abducted by a stranger.


      Now this leaves one massive question that demands to be answered. Why is there all the hype about paedophilia???????? Why is this issue pushed so hard when countless men have been abused, murdered, mutilated, and brain damaged, because of lies told about them? Are the people who are pushing this propaganda, are they really trying to help children? Well let's look at the facts. Do they spend equal amounts of time warning about the dangers of lightening? The answer's no, but you can answer that for yourself, have you seen much propaganda about the dangers of lightening? Now have you seen much propaganda speaking about paedophilia? It's rarely off the news right?


      We need to show these people for what they are. They are people who make the lives of old men a living hell. Their actions are the actions that we expect from utter scum


      These men have worked all their lives, for their country, paying taxes. They have also put their lives at risk, saving people. And let’s remember the billions of men who lost their lives. These vulnerable old men shouldn't live in daily fear! It's up to us young men to make this demonising a thing of the past.


      Remember, these people don't care a jot for the children. If they did then we would see all the propaganda about lightening.


      The fact is that the aim of these propagandists is to demonise men and indirectly to get more thugs to abuse little old men.

      Who are vulnerable and terrified.


      Now if we want to focus on dangerous places for children then the really dangerous places are in single mother households. Let's really help children and get them out of single mother households and give them to their loving fathers.


       Now I’d be the first to say let’s have a war on paedophilia, but what we have now is a war against men, and the ones who suffer most are vulnerable little old men. I didn’t sign up for a war against them. I mean what kind of sicko goes out of their way to create a culture of fear for little old men?!!! And that’s all that they are doing because we’ve already seen that they don’t care for kids.

      Now this isn't the only problem. You see our children have historically had a wellspring of local community figures who help them, like cub scouts and Boy's and girls brigade. Now these fine people have a great record for giving our children something healthy to do. But this is not good enough for the 'anti peadophile brigade' they want to make sure that these fine people don't exist, just like they've done in the primary schools--- they can't get male teachers. New paragraph




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