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Feminism and Marxism

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    To understand Feminism one must understand From soc.men by Voluntus4 Re: Feminism and Marxism Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist theory since Feminism
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2002
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      To understand "Feminism" one must understand
      From soc.men by "Voluntus4"

      Re: Feminism and Marxism

      Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist theory since "Feminism" substitutes
      "gender" for "class" as per the same. It is a movement based upon
      hatred and domination and aggression not equality and civility.
      That being the case, as in the "Dictatorship of the proliteriat" in
      communist theory, it is the "Dictatorship of the Marxist-Leninist
      proletarian feminist" which is the goal of the feminist and their
      allied forces, including bourgoeis traditionalist females. The same,
      as per communist theory, requires conspiracy,highly organized and
      exclusive centralized secretive political control,educative propoganda
      directed towards the political support base "females"= women's study
      programs,highly organized well planed,and well co-ordinated
      political-social-economic-cultural-judicial assaults on men's rights
      in order to subjugate males as a class.
      The one extreme weakness in the "feminist" and "female elitist"
      movement is their military incapacity. They must use the police and
      the standing armed forces of the state to dominate males as they lack
      military capability themselves.
      Unfortunately, the only realistic solution to the same for males is to
      organize in a similar manner,to disarm females politically such as
      their aggressive and conspiratorial use of political force has been
      used to dominate them or to clearly separate themselves from them
      politically, socially, economically, and militarily such as that males
      are not subject to women's class dominance, and to clearly take a
      combative aggressive stance towards feminists and female elitists
      realizing that the only alternative to the same is the subjugation of
      males as a class.

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