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[aum] Survey for Parents

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    Survey for Parents Greg DeBacker Fwd: Parents: Together or Not
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 1999
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      Survey for Parents
      Greg DeBacker

      <A HREF="http://rosella.bhs.mq.edu.au/~chrisw/PTNQ/">Parents: Together or Not


      >Hi there
      >I am an Australian psychologist interested in men and women and parenting. I
      >have done research with mothers, married and single, about the fathers of
      >their children. Now I want to hear from men and get the fathering situation
      >from their view. My supervisor is well-known Australian psychologist Graeme
      >Russell who often works for mens equity in the family court.
      >Would you like to tell your story of being a father, and speak up about
      >concerns? My questionnaire "Parents:Together or Not" takes about 30 minutes
      >to complete. It has lots of questions but there are 2 places where you can
      >say as much as you wish (and that is what I want to hear).
      >I want to hear from all fathers, but I know it will be difficult to find men
      >who have fathered a child when they did not want to be a father, and men who
      >would like to be involved with their child but are excluded by the mother.
      >this is you please spend a little time, have your say, and try to explain to
      >me how you feel about your situation.
      >Women who are left as single mothers when they thought the father would stay
      >around are often amazed that the father does not appear interested in his
      >offspring...can you give me some in-depth commentary on this too.
      >Access the questionnaire at http://rosella.bhs.mq.edu.au/~chrisw/PTNQ/
      >Thanks heaps for your help, and please email me with any extra insights,
      >meanwhile I will read the list-serve and learn.
      >Christine G. Whitelaw
      >Department of Psychology
      >Macquarie University
      >Sydney NSW 2109 Australia

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