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Fourteen Percenter, April 2012 c

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  • Don Mathis
    Vol. 15, No. 1                 The Fourteen Percenter                      April 2012 A publication for parents on the wrong
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      Vol. 15, No. 1                 The Fourteen Percenter                      April 2012
      A publication for parents on the wrong side of the standard possession order.
      – I see my child two days out of every fourteen; 14%. That's not enough. –
      14 Percent, 15 Years!
      Recital – April is National Poetry Month!
      Night Blooms at the Kwik Wash – Rod C. Stryker 

      A new moon casts silver
      on new blooms,
      clothes fresh from the
      A bit more tattered,
      still full of
      folded for the coming week’s
      Framed in lines
      run ragged.
      draggin’ another
      load out,
      the ritual of
      fold & place (smell)
      load & haste (bills to pay),
      Mom’s weekly journeys
      to the Laundromat.
      I was 5 going on 40,
      listening to the machines
      hum w/their
      own new blooms,
      flowers to be worn,
      some coveted,
      some scorned.
      All w/like-new-smell.
      re-minded why
      we bought them.

      My blooms are done,
      but before I trek back
      to place my bouquet
      in closets and drawers,
      ready for next week’s parade:
      I wait for the spin cycle.
      My children’s blooms
      are next. 
      Among My Treasures – Deborah Fuentez
      Among my treasures,
      A blue sapphire sky
      Fades to a soft turquoise,
      As a pale amber sun 
      Plays Hid-N-Seek
      Among the morning clouds.

      Silver dewdrops sparkle like diamonds
      Spilling across an emerald green field
      Where my warrior princess daughter
      Battles the Evil Ruby Dragon
      With her toy sword
      And my good blouse 
      As her magic cape.

      Remember These Words
      “Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often a real loser -- in fees, expenses, and waste of time. As a peacemaker the lawyer has a superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be business enough. Never stir up litigation. A worse man can scarcely be found than one who does this…. A moral tone ought to be infused into the profession which should drive such men out of it….” Abraham Lincoln, Notes for a Law Lecture, July 1, 1850.  This is from Mark Baer's keynote speech at the Divorce Expo in Detroit on March 23, 2012. See http://helpingchildrenthroughdivorce.com/2012/03/25/mark-baers-keynote-speech-given-at-the-divorce-expo-in-detroit-michigan-on-march-23-2012/ for the entire text. 

      Recent Letters
      Nation watches Bay State in seeking justice in custody courts
          RE “AFTER success with alimony laws, task force should review custody’’ (March 19):   
          The country is watching Massachusetts as it strives to bring justice to custody courts. I know of no other state that treats divorced fathers so undeservedly harshly. And there may be no other state that has so many caring and intelligent men and women trying to correct this situation.
          Concern must be given to the children who are often ordered to live apart from a fit and loving father. I agree with the Globe that either the Legislature or the Patrick administration should convene a task force to review antiquated custody laws.  Kids need both parents, even children of divorce.
      Don Mathis, San Antonio
       Can the Pity Party  
          I was surprised to read — in Brian Chasnoff's March 1 column — that Rosa Rodriguez “earns” child support. I thought both parents of children of divorce were supposed to provide for their children. Custodial mothers should not be using a child as a cash cow.
          If Rodriguez is not happy living on the government dole, she should ask that custody of her children be given to the father. Then she would be free to join the Air Force, to return to college or to make the big bucks that custodial parenthood prevents her from doing. And she'd be free to pay child support for a while.  
          It was reported that if the WHP ends this month, she'll lose access to free contraception. “More than likely,” she said, “I'll end up pregnant.”The Express-News should can the pity party and Ms. Rodriguez should stuff the threats. It is time for this notion of entitlement to end.
      Don Mathis
      The March 23 Texoma Enterprise printed this editorial:
      Legislators - Comedians, Man-Haters, or Just Uninformed?
      Recently, Ohio Senator Nina Turner introduced a bill that would make it harder for men to receive treatment for erectile dysfunction. “We should show the same attention and love to men’s reproductive health as we do to women’s,” Turner told the Huffington Post. “And my bill does that.” She admits that her legislation is in reaction to the “heartbeat bill” which would prohibit abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected
      Oklahoma State Senator Constance Johnson objects to the OK ”Personhood” bill which states that life begins at conception. So last month, she introduced an amendment that said “spilled semen” should be considered an act against unborn children. It is unclear how she intends to police this matter.
      The “Ultrasound Opportunity Act” in Illinois would require women to have an ultrasound procedure before having an abortion. Illinois State Rep. Kelly Cassidy feels that this is sometimes invasive and medically unnecessary, so she proposed an amendment that would require men to watch a graphic video about the side effects of Viagra before legally being able to receive a prescription for it.
      Virginia Senator Janet Howell did not like her state’s ultrasound bill either, so she introduced an amendment that would require men to have a rectal exam before being prescribed Viagra.
      Is it any coincidence that the authors of such legislation are female? Or that they are Democrats? If anyone should find their ideals ludicrous, perhaps the lawmakers should seek employment at their local comedy club and quit wasting the taxpayers’ money.
      Most of these women claim they are serious. Ms Johnson admits she seeks to draw attention to the absurdity, duplicity and lack of balance inherent in policies regarding women.
      I guess these women did not hear Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s warning that “extremists” are out to control women. It sounds like these lawmakers are out to control men. But in the interest of fairness, I will hold judgment these legislators are not comedians or misandrists. They just might not be aware that many laws are already on the books that curtail men’s reproductive freedom.
      In Texas , an under-aged girl cannot get an abortion without her parent’s consent. If circumstances warrant, a judge can make the decision. Why does no one ask the dad? He may want the child. A new law here would benefit the father and the baby.
      The Baby Moses law protects women who want to abandon their newborn at a safe place rather than throwing the infant in a dumpster. It’s a good law and one that possibly saves many lives each year. But again, the father may want the child.
      Can you imagine a law that would allow the adoption of a baby without the mother’s knowledge or consent? The Baby Moses law could benefit from an amendment (call it the 11th commandment), “Thou shall notify the father.”
      And I have never met a proponent of “Pro-Choice” who advocated a man’s choice. In an intact marriage, what right does the husband have if his wife wants to abort their baby? The same right he has if he does not want a child and she does. Where are the Democratic legislators who are looking out for these men’s reproductive rights?
      The prospective father who is unmarried has even fewer rights. Many states have a Putative Father Registry but few have heard of it, even the agencies responsible for disseminating and recording the forms. This little-known law requires men who have sex with women to register their names with the state. If they do not and the woman becomes pregnant, the men have no recourse if their child is put up for adoption.
      Perhaps a thoughtful Democrat will propose a law that will remove a newborn from the single mother if she failed to notify the state of all the possible fathers.
      Sandra Fluke, with the help of Rush Limbaugh, gained a lot of publicity about taxpayer funding for women’s contraception after testifying before a congressional panel. Do you think Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will convene a similar panel on men’s health?
      I read a lot about the ‘war’ on the Women’s Health Program but not a word on the program for men - because there isn’t one. Here is another opportunity for a politician who wants to “show the same attention and love to men’s reproductive health as we do to women’s,”
      Women who believe Republicans are trying to regulate their God-given reproductive rights have a long way to go to make things fair and equal.
      In 1994, the Office of Women’s Health was established by Congressional mandate. If Democrats want to accomplish something necessary and beneficial, they should start with legislation for an Office of Men’s Health.
      Do I hear any legislative proposals?
      Don Mathis, fourteenpercenter@...  

          The Fourteen Percenter is an international newsletter that seeks to promote equal parenting rights in the US , the UK , and worldwide. We welcome feedback, as well as any article, poem, or review relating to the child-parent bond. Send your letters to fourteenpercenter@.... See http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NCP-TX-Grayson/messages for other issues.   
          April 20, 2012 has been set for the Founding Fathers March on Washington at Senate Park on the West Lawn of the Capitol. It is designed to promote parenting equality and court reform. See http://leonkozioljd.wordpress.com/ for details.
          The 7th Annual Parental Alienation Awareness Day & Bubbles of Love Day will be held across the nation on April 25th, 2012.  See http://hosted.verticalresponse.com/409689/0f1665bf06/1544500589/160aeb1f80/ for this and other news.  
          Divorce/Custody/Parental Alienation Resources by Dr. Warshak can be found at http://www.warshak.com/publications/resources-purchase.html#CR43 .  “10 Tips to Help Your Child Through Divorce” is helpful for all parents. Read it at http://www.singlefather.org/resources/ten_tips.php . 

      Reconsider the Violence Against Women Act
      In case you haven’t been following it, there has been a boatload of articles by female columnists criticizing the Violence Against Women Act. All of these articles were published recently:
      1. Wendy Kaminer, The Atlantic: What’s Wrong with the Violence Against Women Act? http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2012/03/whats-wrong-with-the-violence-against-women-act/254678/
      2. Abby Schachter , New York Post: The 'I Lied to the Police and Got Him Thrown in Jail' Act. http://www.nypost.com/p/blogs/capitol/the_lied_jail_the_police_and_got_s2zheEr5zwQ1CXY3cbgGCP
      3. Emily Miller, Washington Times: Violence Against Women Act is a Ploy to Paint Republicans as Anti-Women. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/mar/19/obama-iso-swf/
      4. Mary Theroux, Independent Institute: Violence Against Women Act Sanctions Rights Violations. http://blog.independent.org/2012/03/19/violence-against-women-act-sanctions-rights-violations/
      5. Janice Crouse, US News and World Report: The Violence Against Women Act Should Outrage Decent People. http://www.usnews.com/debate-club/should-the-violence-against-women-act-be-reauthorized/the-violence-against-women-act-should-outrage-decent-people
      6. Laura Wood, US News and World Report: Violence Against Women Act Is a Totalitarian Violation of Democracy. http://www.usnews.com/debate-club/should-the-violence-against-women-act-be-reauthorized/violence-against-women-act-is-a-totalitarian-violation-of-democracy
      7. Wendy McElroy, Women Against VAWA Excess: The Silent Scream. http://womenagainstvawa.org/the-silent-scream/
      8.  Charlotte Hays, Townhall: Taxpayer Cry: Not One Penny for Drag Shows! http://townhall.com/columnists/charlottehays/2012/03/20/taxpayer_cry_not_one_penny_for_drag_shows
      And check out the debate at U.S. News and World Report whether to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act: http://www.usnews.com/debate-club/should-the-violence-against-women-act-be-reauthorized .  Our side is winning the vote by a long shot!! Looks like persons aren’t buying the “War on Women” theme.
      Edward E. Bartlett, PhD, President, Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE)
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