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***/Big drug company caught supressing clinical trials on diabetes and antipsychotics

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    Big drug company caught supressing clinical trials on diabetes and antipsychotics!!! -=SMILES=- Don Hutter jR. ~ Home Phone: 970.625.5469 Fathers-4-Justice
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2009
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      Big drug company caught supressing clinical trials on diabetes and antipsychotics!!!

      Don Hutter jR. ~ Home Phone: 970.625.5469
      Fathers-4-Justice CO.US  //  don.hutter@...
      Volunteer Advocate, Special Advisor & Fraud Prevention Specialist.
      Disability, Divorce, Parenting, Custody & Conflict Resolution Issues.
      Videos from: D.C. Rally 2007 and D.C. Festival 2008!!

      -Depression, best defined: Anger without Enthusiasm.

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      Subject: Re: Fw: Big drug company caught supressing clinical trials on diabetes and antipsychotics

      To: Subject: Fw: Big drug company caught supressing clinical trials on diabetes and antipsychotics
      Damned Pharma again. They just cant stop till all nation will get under Medication. Time to nationalize these suckers too:)

      Farhad Nagi
      Dear Farhad,
      Unfortunately, my well indention friend nationalization does not solve our biggest problem which is wide spread corruption. When have you ever seen a truly uncorrupt government? Never. The only solution is the one I have been fighting for which was the original intent of the U.S. Constitution of a system of "SeparatIon of Powers" to achieve what we really need the government for which to supply "checks and balances". If, the private sector and government are all under the "same hands control" which is what the great Madison the architect of the original contract between government and "We the People" outlines in the Federalist Papers and anti-Federalists papers as the very definition of "tyranny". This happens to be true in every aspect of our lives. Be it in civil, criminal court if government officials allow the Berny Madoff's and hundreds of others to steal money from We the People or allow judges too destroy families or even put a persons in jail for some stupid amount  of marijuana while allowing their well funded lobbyists buddies to poison the populace with alcohol, tobacco and a hosts of thousands of anti-depressant drugs is hypocritical and corrupt.
      So, please understand that America was made great by the least amount of government intervening in the People's lives.. But, now they are obsessed wanting to put everything under a failed Russian title of Czar. In fact this is the argument that American Patriots have when speaking of the immigration problem. All the new arrivals have no clue of what America is really suppose to be about and fall mainly into the camp of the Democrats who have a long history of buying cheap votes. I say cheap because a welfare check is a cheap handout compared to the bounty that awaits the truly innovative, hard working, self-starters that have been able to achieve the American dream.
      Just for the record so that you do not think I'm toting the Republicans who under Bush era the Conservative Movement of self and fiscal responsibility was set back 100 years. Because, I know that you as a Muslim opposed laws like no-fault divorce( they need millions of future fodder to re-stock their prison system), wide spread abortion, pornography on T.V. , pushing the homo-sexual agenda against most of our's will. (I want them to get marry and they will soon become our most powerful allies against the lawyers) The Jerry Springerization of America!!
      That is what the truly the Conservative Movement is really suppose to be about as well stopping sending billions to our nations that have more money than God.
      But, the worst thing about it is that "they" have stopped teaching this concept to our children and that is why they allow lawyers the biggest hypocrites in the history of civilization to dictate every aspect of their lives.  And this is why I keep stressing the the un brainwashing of the general population and point out that we must either remove the lawyers from all 3 branches of government or they must stop blocking non-lawyers to serve in the Judiciary branch. But they can' have it all and have us expect them to rule with fair and impartial manner as the Constitution requires.
      Everything else is a false cognitive dissonance argument.
      So, please if you really care pass this on to your group and have them do the same. In the hope that we can get a government that really does their job instead of taking over our private sector leaving us vulnerable to lazy, greedy politicians whims. History tells us that the best system is one of truly checks and balances. Everything else is a scam that will ultimately self-consume us under a terrible weight of taxes and debt  and now to the Chinese!
      What? Are they nuts!!!! No, just a bunch of traitors, socialist communists that are the enemy of a free America that allows us to freedom of speech like the one I'm writing to you.
      A system of truly "checks and balances" wouldn't allow the cronyism and back door deals that the lobbyist produce usually against the American public best interests.
      America has become a place if you have a lot money to pay off the lawyers you get what you want. And I mean a lot!
      Anyway, the government takeover of anything is bad for a free America. But, worst the takeover of the government by one special interest groups like the secret hand of the banksters who lie to us in our faces promoting the Federal Reserve  as it being a part of the Federal government is a fraud and act of treason a RICO infraction of the law. For God's sake they own the printing press making them the owners of it all. Imagine that a private corporation owning our money supply. Why doesn't the government really don't nationalize that? But, instead in that scope it is the other way around. Hypocrites, traitors sell outs, lying cowards.
      Proof is in that millions ran away from the ex-USSR and other communists countries to the U.S.A. and not the other way around. 
      But, it seems like soon we will be running off to the ex's communists countries or stand and fight for our rights for self determination. Start the purging of the enemies of the State. Go figure?
      Your Friend Always,
      Cesar Perez

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      Subject: Big drug company caught supressing clinical trials on diabetes and antipsychotics

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      A major drug company has just been caught suppressing clinical trial data about the diabetes risks of its popular antipsychotic drug. Today, my feature article brings you an astonishing collection of authors' quotes about antipsychotics and diabetes (plus weight gain), along with the latest news about this breaking Big Pharma scandal.


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      Also today: Read about the abuse of mental patients in Georgia (http://www.naturalnews.com/025743.html), how Vitamin D keeps your brain young (http://www.naturalnews.com/025742.html) and the disturbing truth about harmful chemicals found in children's medicines (http://www.naturalnews.com/025736.html).


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      AstraZeneca Suppressed Information about Seroquel Link to Diabetes, Told Sales Reps to Lie
      (NaturalNews) Drug maker AstraZeneca, seller of the Seroquel antipsychotic drug, suppressed clinical studies showing its drug significantly increased the risk of diabetes, say internal e-mails. As Bloomberg is reporting today (http://www.bloomberg...

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      The natural health field is saturated with advice and products that are built around the premise of alkalizing your blood. The truth is that what you eat has little to no effect on the pH of your blood, which is tightly regulated by a complex...

      Antipsychotic Drugs Boost Risk of Stroke in All Patients, Researchers Warn
      (NaturalNews) Antipsychotic drugs are significantly more dangerous than researchers had previously thought, according to a new study conducted by researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and published in the British Medical...

      Whole Grains Give Health
      What is white flour? It is from the same wheat plant as whole wheat, but the grain has been bleached and the outer hull, or shell of the grain has been removed. The outer shell is hard and protects the soft inner layer that we eat. However...


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