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Re: [AUM] TN minister murder

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  • Tom Smith
    Keep up the good work Trudy. I m going to call you later about my plan . Tom ... http://desertlightjournal.blog-city.com/brian_winkers_father_speaks_out.htm
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2006
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      Keep up the good work Trudy. I'm going to call you later about my


      --- TWSchuett@... wrote:

      > I'm on that one like stink on cheese. ;>)
      > I'll be covering this as closely as possible on the blog. This link
      > goes to a post with all the previous entries linked.
      > Make sure you go back to the first one, because I once counseled a
      > minister
      > in a DV situation that now seems awfully close to this one.
      > Trudy W. Schuett
      > _____________________
      > http://desertlightjournal.blog-city.com/index.cfm

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