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Mother charged with stabbing son, daughter 200 times each (USA)

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  • Lionel
    This poor father has now lost all THREE of his children in traumatic circumstances, and now he has also lost his wife (to prison) although none of the news
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2005
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      This poor father has now lost all THREE of his children in traumatic
      circumstances, and now he has also lost his wife (to prison)
      although none of the news articles address HIS loss or mention
      anything about emotional support or grief counselling.

      But then, he is just a man and has no feelings worth worrying about.

      Read it and weep.

      Best wishes,

      Lionel Richards www.OzyDads.com



      Mother charged with stabbing son, daughter 200 times each

      HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. (AP) — A mother was charged with fatally
      stabbing her 9-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter more than 200
      times each inside their suburban Chicago home.

      Tonya Vasilev, 34 — a heavy bandage covering her left wrist —
      appeared in court Friday afternoon and answered the judge's
      questions in a soft, shaking voice. The judge appointed a public
      defender to represent her and ordered her held without bail.

      The children's father, Nikolai Vasilev, discovered the bloody scene
      Wednesday night when he returned to the house with a friend who had
      been living with the family, prosecutor Richard Karwaczka said.

      Vasilev spotted the boy, Christian, lying on the kitchen floor,
      Karwaczka said. The father scooped him up and carried him to the
      front door, where he called 911.

      The girl, Grace, was found dead at the top of the stairs, the
      prosecutor said.

      "Right next to Grace was the defendant, Tonya, sitting there with a
      knife," he said.

      The mother was taken to the police station for questioning, where
      Karwaczka said she admitted stabbing the children. She had what
      appeared to be minor cuts on her hands, police said.

      Emergency crews tried to resuscitate the boy when they arrived, but
      couldn't save him, Hoffman Estates police Lt. Rich Russo said
      Friday. Inside the home, he said, officers found several knives
      believed to have been used to kill the children.

      "It really doesn't get much worse than this," said Russo, who would
      not discuss a possible motive for the killings.

      The autopsies showed that both children tried to fight off their
      attacker, he said.

      The stabbings came five years after the couple's 3-month-old
      daughter died in a fire at an Elk Grove Village town house where the
      family then lived. The cause of the 2000 fire remains undetermined,
      but foul play was never suspected, said Larry Hammar, deputy chief
      of the Elk Grove Village Police.

      Hammar said his department will investigate that fire again. The
      mother was home at the time of the blaze.

      Village police said at the time that Tonya Vasilev left the baby in
      a carrier in the laundry room while she went to check on another of
      her children. She noticed smoke coming from the window a short time

      Copyright 2005 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

      Chicago Sun-Times
      April 29, 2005


      Boy's last words: `What's going on?'

      They moved here with a mission -- to build a Christian community for
      Bulgarians who had settled in Chicago.

      Nikolai Vasilev was the pastor and his wife, Tonya, was the Sunday
      school teacher. Together they nurtured an evangelical community in
      the northwest suburbs and created their own family. They had three
      children and survived the death of one of them in a 2000 fire.

      Wednesday night, Nikolai came home to find his two remaining
      children, a 9-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter, stabbed to
      death -- some 500 times -- and his wife bathed in blood, a source
      close to the investigation said.

      Tonya Vasilev, 34, has given statements to Hoffman Estates police
      and was expected to be charged in the murders today, the source said.

      Investigators believe 3-year-old Gracie was attacked first, around
      8:30 p.m., and then her mother brought her to the second floor,
      where her older brother, Christian, was watching television, the
      source said, citing the mother's statement to police.

      "The boy looks up, sees his sister all bloody, and asked the
      mother, "What's going on? . . . The mother then attacked the boy.
      The boy runs from her, flees to the first floor, where she catches
      up with him, and she then alternates between attacking the boy and
      the girl.''

      Nikolai arrived home around 9:20 p.m. "He sees signs of life in the
      9-year-old boy and tries to give him CPR, obviously in vain, and
      then calls 911," the source said.

      The source said it was not clear what set off the stabbing, but
      added that the mother had been treated for mental illness for "some

      Authorities said they are going to re-examine the 2000 fire, the
      cause of which was never determined.

      By most accounts the Vasilevs had few family members here. Those who
      got to know them here were shocked at what happened inside the tidy
      two-story house and said it was impossible for Tonya to have been

      "This lady, this family, they deserve so much love, so much mercy,''
      said a woman who knew the family through the Bulgarian Evangelical
      Church of God New Life Church, which they founded in Des
      Plaines. "They have very big hearts, and their hearts are open to
      people's pain. They are much more than good people.''

      Nikolai, 36, had recently decided to leave the Des Plaines church to
      start his own congregation, said Stan Tanev, pastor of the Des
      Plaines church. The split was amicable and because of a difference
      in styles, including that Nikolai was going to preach in English,
      Tanev said.

      Investigators were looking at this as a possible motive in the
      attacks, the source said.

      "The motive is bizarre. . . . The mother feared people in the new
      religion were going to sexually molest these children,'' the source

      Tanev, when asked about this, said the new congregation -- which was
      still part of the Church of God -- included members of the church
      whom Tonya already knew.

      Tanev said the couple came to Chicago in 1995. They met while
      attending a Bible college in the South and married in 1994. Tanev
      said Nikolai left his native land in the early 1990s after the fall
      of communism and came to the United States, where he knew he could
      study theology and fulfill his dream of being a minister.

      "That's what his calling was,'' said Tanev. "They left a comfortable
      life there just because they felt called to minister to the
      Bulgarian community.''

      Tanev said Tonya's family was from North Carolina. Her calling, he
      said, was to minister to children.

      Together, the couple warmly welcomed members at the Des Plaines
      church, said the woman who knew them through church. She did not
      want her name used.

      She said Tonya was particularly attentive to children. And she doted
      on her own constantly, she said.

      "She was like a little bird on her children,'' the woman said, her
      eyes tearing up with each mention of their names. "[They were]
      always clean. Always happy. Always with a lot of love.''

      Christian was a third-grader at Schaumburg Christian School who
      liked to play with the tools his father used as a carpenter. Friends
      remember that Gracie was "sweet" and always smiling.

      Tanev said the couple sought counseling after another child, 3-month-
      old Gabrielle, died in 2000 in a fire in the family's Elk Grove
      Village condominium.

      "I was right next to them. It was terrible,'' Tanev said. "She was
      devastated. Little by little, they were overcoming.''

      The fire started in the laundry room, and the infant was found in a
      baby seat on top of a dryer. Tonya was home at the time but had left
      the child unattended, Elk Grove Village Deputy Chief Larry Hammar

      Hammar said there was no sign of foul play at the time and that
      investigators focused on the furnace as the likely cause of the
      blaze. But no exact cause was ever found and the manner of death was
      never determined by the doctor who examined her body. Gabrielle's
      case file was pulled for review early Thursday, a source said.

      Knew of no problems

      The family moved out of Elk Grove Village after the fire.

      A family friend said there had been some recent strains in the
      family, largely because of a college classmate of Nikolai's who had
      been staying at the house.

      Tanev said he was not aware of any problems. He said Tonya was the
      only member of the church who did not speak Bulgarian, which might
      have made her feel lonely. But neither he nor other members believe
      she killed her children.

      "I liked her from the first moment," the woman said. "She was full
      of life."



      Mother charged with stabbing son and daughter to death
      By Joseph Ryan and Kara Spak Daily Herald Staff Writers

      The mother of two children stabbed hundreds of times in their
      Hoffman Estates home was charged today with two counts of first-
      degree murder, authorities said.





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