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    The New York Post http://www.nypost.com/news/regionalnews/39185.htm BITTER WIFE S PLOT: RUIN TED January 31, 2005 -- ONE night in October 2000, Gener osa Ammon
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      The New York Post



      January 31, 2005 -- ONE night in October 2000, Gener osa Ammon
      suspected her hus band, Ted, was shacked up with a paramour at their
      East Hampton mansion.

      As their bitter divorce and custody fight was shaping up, she
      thought she saw an opportunity for a commando mission to shake him
      up and get proof for her case — or blackmail material. She was sure
      he had millions in hidden assets. Generosa had never been able to
      trust anyone — and had been scared of men in particular.

      She once became close to one of her woman employees, and discovered
      they had much in common. Neither knew their father, and Generosa
      confided that her mother "resented me because I was an illegitimate

      When the staffer revealed that she had been molested by an uncle,
      Generosa told her, "The same thing happened to me." As a result, she
      had difficulty trusting anyone and always felt "most people were
      just out to get something from you."

      Now she was going to get something from Ted.

      She bundled her twin children, Alexa and Grego, in the car, along
      with her butler, Steven, and Buddy, the family dog. She drove from
      Manhattan to the family beach house on Middle Lane, where she
      slipped into the driveway of the home she loved, which Ted was
      defiling with his presence. Generosa left the car running.

      They quietly filed around to the rear patio, where they all sneaked
      into the mansion through the pet door just before 11:30 p.m. The
      burglar alarm did not sound because the pet door was not wired. In
      any event, Ted had not bothered to set it.

      The tired kids sat in the dark kitchen while Steven and Generosa
      tiptoed through the living room and up the main staircase, with
      Buddy trotting behind. At the top of the stairs, Steven pulled out
      his camera and got ready. Generosa swung open the bedroom door and
      flipped on the light.

      Steven raised the camera to his eye to catch a shot of Ted in the
      naked embrace of his lover but he was in bed with Sophie, the new
      puppy he had bought. Sophie roused and yipped. Ted woke and could
      not believe his eyes.

      "This is my house!" Generosa screamed. "How dare you be here? You
      have ruined my weekend!"

      Ted shook his head in disbelief at the scene Generosa had
      engineered. She was yelling at him?

      He grumbled and did some cursing of his own. Sophie hopped off the
      bed to greet Buddy. When Generosa saw Ted's hated dog being friendly
      with Buddy, she kicked the poor puppy, not missing a beat in her
      loud invective at Ted.

      Generosa stalked out, slamming the bedroom door behind her hard
      enough to rattle the walls. Ted, who usually slept naked, got out of
      bed, dressed and walked down to the kitchen.

      "I'm very sorry that you had to go through this," he told the kids.

      Generosa roared off, scattering gravel with her tires.

      A SHORT time later, Generosa met Danny Pelosi. He had been taking
      whatever electrical jobs he could get through other contractors but
      he was going under. He was drinking and gambling. He had declared
      bankruptcy and his home was in foreclosure, about to be auctioned

      A contractor friend had thrown Danny some work, including a good job
      for a rich divorcée in the Hamptons, and now introduced him to
      another rich woman, Generosa Ammon, who was getting divorced. There
      was a lot of electrical work to be done on her East 87th Street town
      house renovation.

      They met Generosa at a round, corner banquette table in the bar at
      The Stanhope hotel in Manhattan. "Howya doin'?" were his first words
      to Generosa. He turned on his 100-watt charm and Generosa gave him a

      One morning some time later when she arrived at the town house,
      Generosa found Danny sleeping in his truck. "None of my workmen have
      to sleep in trucks," she declared. "I'll get you rooms at the
      Stanhope." That was just fine with Danny.

      As Danny worked on the job, he and Generosa became friendly and then
      flirtatious. Danny always bragged that he could have any woman he
      wanted. Any woman.

      It wasn't long before he knew Generosa wanted him. Of course, Danny
      was married but he had never let that stand in his way before.

      One night Generosa confided in him:

      "I haven't had sex in two years."

      The only problem was the job. The crew didn't want to get fired.
      Keep it in your pants and don't f- - - the customer, they said.

      "Promise you won't fire me if we have sex," Danny asked one night
      over drinks.

      "I promise." Generosa smiled eagerly. Upstairs in her suite at The
      Stanhope they had great sex. Later he boasted that he had given
      Generosa the first orgasm of her life.

      "She didn't know what it was," he bragged with a hoarse
      chuckle. "She thought she should go to the hospital!"

      Once she had a younger stud-muffin boyfriend, Generosa wanted to
      show him off. She bought him a designer tuxedo and took him to his
      first opera, at the Metropolitan Opera House.

      He hated the outfit and thought the whole opera was goofy. During
      intermission he told her, "Yo, this is all about letting your
      husband know that you're dating a f- - -in' young guy but let's not
      rock the boat here, huh?"

      "When you meet people, just say hello. Nothing else," she instructed

      That night, back at her suite, a nude Generosa slipped under the
      silk sheets. With a sly smile, she gave Danny an order:

      "Go into the bathroom and come out wearing just your tool belt."


      Danny went into the bathroom and closed the door. He stripped naked
      and then put on his leather tool belt, with hanging hammer, rolls of
      black electrical tape and other tools.

      He felt a bit silly, like one of the Village People, but the
      customer was always right. He opened the door and strode out to
      Generosa, who was waiting in the bed.

      "If this one works for you, let's do it," Danny said, jiggling his

      They did.

      GENEROSA had told anyone who would listen that Ted was a cad, a
      philanderer; that he had fathered a son with his girlfriend, that he
      cheated on his taxes, that he was involved in shady business deals,
      and that he was sexually kinky.

      Some of the tales had a grain of truth and others were just lies or
      Generosa's paranoid fantasies. Although he had lost about half his
      fortune in the market and Internet crashes, Generosa convinced
      herself that Ted was hiding huge assets. She was convinced that he
      was still worth at least $350 million.

      She spread the rumor that he had hidden a pirate's chest of $30
      million in cash aboard his new $4 million yacht. Of course, there
      was no yacht and no treasure chest.

      Ted hired a celebrity divorce lawyer, Adria Hillman, who had a
      phrase for these vicious, scorched-earth divorces: Two Scorpions in
      a Bottle.

      One night, when she was loaded at the bar, Generosa told a befuddled
      guest, "I know you're a spy for my husband!"

      There were no spies. Nor was this the last time she singled out
      startled patrons and accused them of being private detectives
      shadowing her. She told Danny how she had failed to catch Ted in bed
      with someone at the beach house, and she feared Ted was removing
      property. She asked for his help. No problem, Danny told her.

      There were remote-controlled surveillance systems that could be
      hidden in the beach house to catch Ted. He had a friend who
      installed them. They would be able to watch Ted when he was there
      and he would have no clue.

      Ted, meanwhile, was shaken to find that his children were taking
      Generosa's side. The kids said they believed Ted had bugged their
      telephones at The Stanhope, that their mother was broke but he was
      going to file for bankruptcy to steal her money.

      "We believe Mom, not you!" they told him.

      He had deep concerns about his children's mental health and their
      ability to distinguish reality from fantasy. He had no choice: He
      would now seek sole and complete legal custody of his kids. Because
      of all the dangerous misinformation, the longer he waited, the worse
      off they would be.

      Later he confided to his older sister, Sandi, how much his wife
      hated him. Ted had heard that Generosa's new psychiatrist had
      prescribed a psychotropic drug to treat her mental problem — but she
      was refusing to take it.

      "She's crazy," said Ted. "She wants me dead. I think she's going to
      kill me."

      Sandi thought about it and agreed. In her heart, she felt Generosa
      was capable of murder. She became alarmed and urged Ted to get a
      bodyguard, like Generosa had hired for herself. Later, her husband,
      Bob, a very cool-headed man, urged the same thing — constant
      protection. Immediately.

      Ted was about to raise the stakes in the divorce and custody cases,
      something certain to enrage Generosa even further. Several other
      friends and associates also told him to get a bodyguard.

      Ted did not take their advice.

      IN JANUARY, Danny made good on his promise to help Generosa in her
      battle with Ted. He contacted John Kundle, who was installing a
      security system at Generosa's East 87th Street town house. Kundle
      ran a security firm on Long Island that specialized in cutting-edge
      surveillance technology called the Rapid Eye digital video storage
      and transmission system. Cameras hidden inside burglar alarm system
      motion detectors took video images that could be viewed live or
      recorded from a laptop computer anywhere in the world.

      It wasn't long before Danny triumphantly flipped open his laptop and
      showed Generosa pictures of Ted during intimate moments with his
      girlfriend. Danny even set up his laptop on a table at the East 87th
      Street construction site. One warm afternoon, while Danny was out,
      the construction workers noticed Ted getting amorous in the kitchen
      with the new brunette. All work stopped as the men hooted, howled
      and cheered as they realized they were watching a millionaire
      receive oral sex in the kitchen of his mansion. Later, Danny showed
      it to a gratified Generosa.

      She later told her friend Ronnie that she had " a whole portfolio of
      pictures" of her husband with paramours that would guarantee that
      she got all the marbles: the fortune, all of the properties, and
      full custody of the kids. "I'm going to hang him with it. Now I want
      everything." Ronnie was confused. Nobody got everything in a
      Generosa refused to explain. It did not occur to Ronnie that
      Generosa was trying to catch Ted in bed with a man — and blackmail

      Danny Pelosi, an electrician with a notoriously short fuse, was
      convicted last month of one of the most sensational crimes of the
      decade - coldbloodedly murdering a millionaire investment banker
      after stealing his socialite wife. This is the first of a startling
      three-part series disclosing the inside story of the crime, the
      investigation and the trial - from the book "Almost Paradise" by
      Kieran Crowley, who covered the case for The Post.
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