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Feminist Ideology vs Religion

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  • Tom Smith
    Patrick Riley Washington Times, August 31, 2001 ...Hence, if an ideology triumphs it throws society out of joint. That s obviously true of the great defeated
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      Patrick Riley
      Washington Times, August 31, 2001

      "...Hence, if an ideology triumphs it throws society
      out of joint.
      That's obviously true of the great defeated ideologies
      of our age,
      communism and Nazism, with their gross injustices and
      mass murders,
      but there's reason to think it true of radical
      feminism, the ascendant
      ideology of our time. The pioneers of modern feminism,
      such as Simone
      de Beauvoir and Betty Friedan, have insisted that
      abortion is
      necessary for the establishment of a radically
      feminist society. How
      else can all differences between the sexes (or
      "genders") be erased?
      This is not to overlook the changes radical feminism
      demands in family
      structure, in motherhood, in the economy and in
      language itself."

      "Ideology brooks no disagreement. The ideology of the
      Revolution called itself "enlightenment," but decreed
      the death of
      thousands of innocents merely because aristocratic
      birth or religious
      belief made them enemies. Such ruthless amorality of
      ideologues stems
      from the conviction that a perfect world will result
      when they reach
      their narrow goal. Lenin is often adduced in evidence
      thereof: He
      declared the triumph of communism an end justifying
      any means

      "By such fatuous, sinister circumlocutions, by the
      ruthless overthrow
      of institutions, rights, grammar, reason itself, the
      ideologue outstrips the bigot in fanaticism. From
      positions of power,
      the ideologue has all but browbeaten the believer into
      an identity
      crisis even though religion has been a mainstay of our
      culture; some
      think its foundation. William Butler Yeats had it
      right: "The best
      lack all conviction, while the worst are full of

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