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RE: [augiemarch] Re: my 2c on a whole heap of stuff

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  • augusta_st_james@iprimus.com.au
    ... Tell me what you really think, Mr Weekes ;) Good for you, for hating something with reason and passion! ... The same way that my friends and I went to
    Message 1 of 31 , May 1, 2003
      > From: "Tim Weekes" <soleyabs@...>
      > Right...song of the year..."Without You" - why - god why oh why oh
      > why oh why? Really...the lyrics to that song are atroscious

      Tell me what you really think, Mr Weekes ;) Good for you, for hating something
      with reason and passion!

      > - and this is coming from a guy who paid fifty bucks to see them
      > in concert, just so he could scream out: "WHAT THE F*&K ARE YOU
      > TALKING ABOUT?" when he sings "you brighten my life like a
      > polystyrene hat"...

      The same way that my friends and I went to Pacificer, so that we could shout,
      "You guys suck! We want Shihad!"

      To go to an elaborate length in the defence of a single lyric - I always
      interpreted the "polystyrene hat" as symbolic of something that brings a
      simple and plain joy. Ever experienced the uncluttered happiness of going
      to a Christmas Party, or a Fair, wearing goofy clothes and an absurdly large
      hat? The person in question gives Mr Johns an uncluttered happiness, the
      way that wearing a big, stupid hat does. And if you can't be happy wearing
      a stupid hat, Mr Weekes, then God help you.


      I will say, as a song, I don't think the lyrics are any more absurd than,
      say, the works of Badly Drawn Boy, or Smashing Pumpkins, or (to make a lyrical,
      if not talent-wise, comparison) Dylan Thomas. Sometimes it's the feel of
      it, you know? To quote Mr Drawn Boy, sometimes you can judge by feel, and
      not size.

      As I write this, I am listening to the Dire Straits' album Communique, specifically,
      'Once Upon a Time in the West.' The lyrics are a collection of images brought
      together to create a whole impression. You can listen to Mr Knopfler sing
      about wicked drivers, and peacekeeping forces, and Mother Mary, and you can
      reveal a perfect image of The West. And it rocks out. It rocks directly

      By the same token, I find the lyrics of 'Without You' piece together to describe
      an incisive loneliness. It's certainly not the finest specimen in the petri
      dish, but I personally wouldn't dismiss it, either.

      Your mileage may vary.

      > So...here is my point...Alex Lloyd, Daniel Johns, etc. they are
      > not "mediocre" lyricists...they are non-existent ones...save for
      > maybe "Ana's Song" and some others, Daniel Johns was poorly
      > exorcising his demons onto paper, and making it more appealing by
      > adding pretty little words to it...DAMN HIM TO HELL...

      Not that I can claim to do anything better when I set pen to paper. But
      I like to think I try to achieve more than that, and I'm sure Mr Johns does,

      Which leads us to the inevitable question. Who are the greatest lyricists
      of all time? If Mr Lloyd has let us down (and he has), who steps up in his

      I nominate: Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows; Billy Corgan of the Smashing
      Pumpkins; Elliott Smith; Elliott Smith again (he is *very* good); Mark Knopfler
      of Dire Straits; Morrissey of The Smiths; Nick Cave; Roger Waters of Pink
      Floyd, and; Tori Amos.

      You may assume that Mr Richards of Augie March resides at the head of the
      list. No doubt, I've forgotten scores of influential lyricists, of whom
      you will no doubt remind me.

      Mr Weekes, discoursing with you has been thus far charming.

      Even the hero gets a bullet in the chest,
      -- Augusta
    • Matthew High
      All retailers could order it, as long as they had a BMG account. There wont be lyrics with it. ... From: clare moylan [mailto:derangedfairy@hotmail.com] Sent:
      Message 31 of 31 , May 13, 2003
        All retailers could order it, as long as they had a BMG account. There
        wont be lyrics with it.

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        From: clare moylan [mailto:derangedfairy@...]
        Sent: Monday, 12 May 2003 10:17 PM
        To: augiemarch@yahoogroups.com
        Subject: RE: [augiemarch] Re: Future Seal ideas

        >From: "Matthew High" <matthigh@...>
        >Thanks For The Memes is being re-released as a normal CD package, but
        >with extra track "300 Nights" added (taken from the Hole In Your Roof "
        >CD single. It will sell for about $12 and will come out around June 9,
        >in Australia. Other countries will have to wait many months if not
        >ayear at best so I recommend using other methods if you want to get it
        >eg the net.

        Any chance that the re-release will come with lyrics to the songs we
        figure out? And what sorts of retailers will be likely to order it in?

        That is, will it be more independant retailers only, or biggers ones

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