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RE: [augiemarch] Asleep in Perfection on Sunset Studies

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  • Scott Herbert
    From a recording artist perspective, it d be nice to come anywhere close to breaking even on recording costs, artwork, pressing the discs etc. The amount of
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 1, 2000
      From a recording artist perspective, it'd be nice to come anywhere close to
      breaking even on recording costs, artwork, pressing the discs etc.

      The amount of cash I've invested in recordings over the last 6 years (not
      including the amounts put up by record labels) would give me a nice European
      holiday. I'm still paying off a personal loan (plus the 13% or so interest)
      I took out 4 years ago to record my first band's EP. Available for $10 in
      the stores, I saw the money return in such dribs and drabs it was usually
      only enough to buy a beer or two after a gig.

      Anyone who brings forward the argument that CDs aren't worth it (caveat to
      follow) hasn't bought the right CDs, or hasn't wasted their money on $40
      designer drugs or a $35 carton of beer or a $40 dinner at a
      restaurant.....The only excuse for this argument is when the record company
      has a ridiculous profit margin, but I wouldn't know about that, every
      release I've been involved in has been funded off of the back of someone I
      personally know, if it wasn't myself.

      Oh yeah, back to work.


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      From: Liz Tompsett [mailto:liztompsett@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, 1 August 2000 16:43
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      Subject: [augiemarch] Asleep in Perfection on Sunset Studies

      Bit of a ramble follows - if I can be bothered to develop the idea fully.
      Have you ever gone shopping with someone who doesn't buy much music and had
      them listen to a snippet from every track on a CD before buying it just in
      case they didn't like it? This drives me crazy. If I like a snippet I hear
      in a record shop on first listen I usually assume it is going to drive me
      nuts in three more listens. I was sitting in my sunroom on Sunday looking at
      my collection of 400 some odd CDs and my sister in law commented that she
      thought most people didn't buy music. That $30 seemed like a lot to pay for
      just some music. This struck me as totally weird. Quite a few times I've had
      to stop myself from the impulse of making out a cheque to my favourites
      artists cos that number of times I've played their music and the amount of
      joy I have gotten out of it seems like such amazing value for the few measly
      dollars I have paid. Especially when you compare it to live acts - and I can
      think of one diva recently whose tour must have grossed about the GDP of
      your average third world country. Anyway, where I was going with this is,
      people who join mailing lists for their favourite band, who buy all the
      singles and eps, who go to gigs etc, must represent such a small proportion
      of the music consumers. So we all have Waltz and don't need another copy of
      AIP.... and would rather have another unreleased track squeezed on instead.
      I just checked and there are just over 100 people on this list. Bands make
      only a teensy bit per sale right? Say they make $1 each CD. All of us buying
      Sunset Studies pays for a weeks groceries for the whole band if they live on
      two minute noodles .....or a weeks rent in a very cheap share flat... a
      couple of cases of beer... not even one whole pair of Doc Martens
      etc.....How much does a flannelette (?SP) shirt cost these days? Even if all
      the 1211 people who were at the gigs bought it that would still be less than
      one ticket to see Barbra the Screecher.

      So the target audience has to be bigger than us fussy buggers - Asleep in
      Perfection must have dragged quite a few people to the band who may well be
      waiting for an album to splash out their hard earned bucks. I have a friend
      who a few years back heard Somebody by Depeche Mode and decided it was so
      good she wanted the album. She went out and bought a DP album and felt very
      ripped off when she got the wrong one. What do you mean it was on another
      album! (Not all my friends are that stupid). Give them what they want. We
      all have Lazy Pines off the single to appease out lurve of the obscure
      anyway ;P.

      Ramble finished. Pointless really.

      Bugger. Yet another excuse for work avoidance down the tube.

      Writing about music is like dancing to architecture.

      There is now an Augie March message board up and running at
    • Jayne Gaukroger
      yeah good call liz- of course i d prefer to have a new song on the album but if AIP is going to help augie fund their adelaide tour, i can deal with it! :)
      Message 2 of 3 , Aug 1, 2000
        yeah good call liz- of course i'd prefer to have a new song on the
        album but if AIP is going to help augie fund their adelaide tour, i
        can deal with it! :)

        also people, dont forget to vote for HIYR on jjj superrequest and net
        50- have YOU voted for them this week?? :) cos it all helps in
        getting the music out there and getting the cash rolling towards AM
        rather than some shite punk band who wouldnt know originality if it
        slapped them in the face with a trout! or something (apologies for
        the in-joke).
        have a lovely day, jayne :)
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