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Re: Solo Gigs

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  • sunsetfrog
    I ll sometimes go to a show alone. As Ada said, it s the in-between performances that s the problem. I too actually like watching the gig by myself because
    Message 1 of 64 , Nov 1, 2005
      I'll sometimes go to a show alone. As Ada said, it's the in-between
      performances that's the problem. I too actually like watching the gig
      by myself because there's less distractions.

      For the in-between, I don't know but it seems sadder to me to get
      drunk alone than it does being at a gig alone. Plus being of the
      fairer sex I've always thought it not such a good idea. That's always
      what I thought smoking was invented for - I can't think of any other
      reason you'd smoke other than for something to do when you're by
      yourself trying to not look like a loser (pick the non-smoker). I tend
      to drink...coke usually since then I'll get on that sugar high...and
      do that people watching thing (casually!), unless I find some poor
      unsuspecting soul to chat to.

      There's this book i read (I'm not mentioning what it was in this crowd
      of literary boffins - you'd probably stone me) that has a great line
      in it for such moments. Whenever the female lead's standing at an
      event by herself she thinks, "Nobody's looking at you. They're all too
      busy thinking about themselves. Just like you." It's true - how often
      when you're at a gig with your friends do you pay attention to the
      people by themselves? We all think we're much more important than we
      really are...or maybe that's just me :)

      You could always do something stupid like get stuck in a toilet
      cubicle - it'll give you something to talk about if you get out, and
      if you don't no one will notice you're alone!

      --- In augiemarch@yahoogroups.com, cassandra charlie
      <tulipresistance@g...> wrote:
      > Youse are right, and stuff.
      > I like that song 'Middle of the Hill' - I'm glad it 'swam'. Haven't
      > heard it for a while though..
      > (in the interests of internationality: there is an australian radio
      > programme that takes an new aussie song ..is it every monday? and gets
      > people to vote on whether it should be played ever again on the
      > station 'swim' ..or not 'sink'.)
      > i used to go to gigs by myself lots. still do, i suppose - but by now
      > i'm bound to know somebody when i get there - in perth or freo that
      > is. last time i went to a victorian gig i ended up talking to a girl
      > i'd gotten off the tram with, her crazy friends were quite lovely
      > also. i'm not much of a drinker, so the the alcoholic wall isn't an
      > option for me. i've done all sorts of things to keep myself amused in
      > the past, like reading the local street press, talking to random
      > people, and fingerknitting. i'm thinking next time I might start
      > singing spontaneously in an icelandic accent. or try a sound of music
      > medley.
      > if you're looking for a way to be relaxed while at a gig (is that what
      > this is about?), why not take a camera? that way you look like you're
      > a photo journo / visual arts student. (not my preferred choice since
      > i'd probably loose it.)
      > people watching can be entertaining, especially watching people that
      > are watching other people.
      > you can tell the music nuts from the other kinds of nuts - the look on
      > some people's faces when they contemplate the idea of going to a gig
      > 'alone'..
      > *blushes* ok, i'm a weird loner. not creepy though, promise.
      > Cassandra.
      > On 11/1/05, Ada Lam <ada.lam@a...> wrote:
      > > Hey - I'm not responsible for what your brain does to a perfectly good
      > > sentence.
      > >
      > > 'Me fail English? That's unpossible!'
      > >
      > > Listening to that song "Middle of the Hill" by Josh Pyke today, I
      > > suddenly wondered whether the 'she' who took the singer by the
      hand was
      > > the neighbour or the sister?
      > >
      > > We need better pronouns and stuff.
      > >
      > > whozza_bunyip2 wrote:
      > >
      > > >I read that as saying that this gentleman told Glenn that Glenn and
      > > >his girlfriend shagged to The Moth Ball... which is an even more
      > > >surprising thing to be told.
      > > >
    • Catherine Macneil
      haha - that s classic, Jim ps good to read from you again ... the ... hour ... on ... were ... thumping ... game! ... ....
      Message 64 of 64 , Nov 7, 2005
        haha - that's classic, Jim

        good to read from you again

        --- In augiemarch@yahoogroups.com, "downwithprogress"
        <downwithprogress@y...> wrote:
        > I think you'll find that's everyone's favourite Big Bad Bustling
        > Bonobo, Barry Hall. Bless that man!
        > Also, I think the new Augie video should be one camera, pointed at
        > door to the gents room of a popular nightspot, filming for one
        > and then sped up to match the length of the song. I think that has
        > just about everything you'd want in a music video. Not that I'm
        > suggesting that the genre is, by and large, shit or anything...
        > Cheerio,
        > Jim
        > --- In augiemarch@yahoogroups.com, "Catherine Macneil"
        > <dent_de_lion_@h...> wrote:
        > >
        > > --- In augiemarch@yahoogroups.com, "Gill" <amanda_rodau@y...>
        > > >
        > > > Any clip where someone dresses up as an animal (preferably a
        > gorilla)
        > > > is a winner in my books. I have also seen the likes of this
        > Video
        > > > Hits.
        > > >
        > > ...
        > >
        > > just reminded me of:
        > >
        > > this psych study my sister told me about where random people
        > > asked to look at a football game played out in front of them...
        > > surprisingly few people noticed a big gorilla-suited man
        > his
        > > chest in the middle of the field at various times during the
        > >
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