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Re: [augiemarch] soulseek (was seeking the kindly few)

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  • wes ryan
    thanks folks. all sorted i ve found the lost gold. i m like a teenager with a crush. put me in a cage full of lions, and i d learn to speak lion... p.s.
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 2, 2004
      thanks folks.
      all sorted
      i've found the lost gold. i'm like a teenager with a crush.
      "put me in a cage full of lions, and i'd learn to speak lion..."
      regarding u.s single.
      seems to me that AM never prioritised units sold, seems that each song is a delicately crafted landscape of their place/state of mind at the given time.
      i believe to master this art form as they have done, one would be heedless to units sold. as was assured with strange bird, a masterpiece to a select few though to the average boy/girl at the bus stop not catchy enough. if they had of released something radio friendly, i'm confident that sunset gained enough attention for them to be moulded/manipulated to the top.
      so i think look to their best. Hole In Your Roof or The Vineyard.
      i think they'd find their way into the hearts of the select few in the u.s the same as they have done here. i believe that to be AM's will, i maybe mistaken but i'm sticking to it.

      Nathan Moore <nbmoore@...> wrote:
      the website for soulseek has moved. it's now at www.slsknet.org

      they lost briefly lost their domain name (or something) and in the short
      time before they could reregister, some dodgy germans moved in and are
      trying to scam people.

      the newest version is version 152. the dodgy site only claims to have
      hope this helps

      At 12:22 PM 30/01/2004 +0000, you wrote:
      >--- In augiemarch@yahoogroups.com, wes ryan <sunsetulip04@y...>
      > > hello fellow augie devotee's
      > >
      > > i'm hoping to impose on your kindness.
      > >
      > > recently i managed to obtain augie demos and unreleased tracks
      >such as darling little ones, here, mouse birds, critters, lazy
      >pines, song with line "i thought i had found my golden september in
      >the middle of this purple june" and many others.
      > >
      > > i know you guy's can understand my excitement relating around
      >these tracks.
      > >
      > > well i lost my computer due to a thunderstorm (schoolboy error i
      >know), and now i can't seem to obtain soulseek where i found this
      >hidden gold.
      > >
      > > if anyone could direct me as to where i could find users that are
      >willing to share these tracks, i would be at their mercy. as i would
      >again find my golden september.
      > >
      > > thank you kindly.
      > >
      > > that gentle man standing next to you.
      > >
      > > hey there man i feel deeply 4 ya,  that track u didnt know the
      >name of is called ONE CROWDED HOUR  i have full and partially
      >transcribed lyrics to download in the files section
      >as to the songs i got them off soulseek myself recently, there all
      >still there,   i dont understand why u CANT get soulseek??
      > >
      > >
      > >
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