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God's Message (Obedience)

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  • Jonathan Lopez
    Tuesday June 24, 2003 Jesus   I want My chosen souls to reflect on the value of obedience. Only through obedience can I bring about the movement toward
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      Tuesday June 24, 2003



      I want My chosen souls to reflect on the value of obedience. Only through obedience can I bring about the movement toward perfection within you. Your current world scoffs at obedience. Even children do not obey their parents and are not punished for their transgressions. I want My souls to be obedient and they will see their faith bloom like a flower. Truly, I will reward them in an unparalleled manner during these times.


      I want to point out that souls, while being disobedient in matters of faith, are obedient to the impulses and cravings of their bodies. Your bodies are making slaves of you, dear chosen souls. It must not continue. You must bring your bodies under submission so that your soul will be freed to contemplate matters of faith. Do you want to be with Me? I am here for you. But you must clear the path for Me. You must listen for Me. To do that, dear chosen souls, you must free yourselves from these attachments that hold you under submission. I am with you and will fight these battles for you, if only you will let Me. This is what it means to be My follower. You need worry over nothing. I will fight your battles for you and bring others to heaven through you. I can place the most beautiful, heavenly thoughts in your souls if only you will let Me. How I stand by, little soul, ready to bring you closer. Say “yes” to Me and we will begin our journey in earnest.


      Tuesday June 24, 2003

      Blessed Mother


      Jesus is waiting for you, my little one. I will help you and show you the way. Pray more, even when you do not feel like praying. Pray always, even if it is just a simple sentence, a simple thought. We are slaves to your prayers, my dear little struggling souls. We hear a plea from you and we hasten to provide every assistance. Look closely for the answers to your prayers and you will find them. Never be fooled into thinking your prayers fall on deaf ears. We work quietly and sometimes our time is not like earthly time. But we hear your pleas and share in your concerns. Be certain that we have the answers. They are here for you and we will not leave you without guidance. Spend little time discussing problems with others. Often it is best if you listen to others. When you have a problem, come to me, your heavenly mother, and I will listen to you and help you find the best solution. You are not alone, my little ones. We long to help you and listen carefully to your petitions. The nicest prayers are the prayers of humble acceptance. You are right when you think that sometimes God must make decisions for your well-being and those things we cannot change. Acceptance moves you closer to God in a swift and beautiful manner. Strive for that always, but do not be afraid to ask for anything you want or need. Above all, we will give you peace in this journey. Our heavenly companionship provides you with a quiet certainty that you walk in the light and toward the light. Do you feel it, my little one? Truly, I am with you today, asking for your obedience to my Son. You will not be disappointed, little soul of my heart.

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