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The plan of Satan againts us

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  • Jonathan Lopez
    This explains how Satan plans to destroy us after having persecuted to Hell. This also includes why he makes war with Virgin Mary and the rest of her seed
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      This explains how Satan plans to destroy us after having persecuted to Hell. This also includes why he makes war with Virgin Mary and the rest of her seed (Us). This may also explain why many don’t believe in the Blessed Virgin Mary because it’s part of Satan’s plan.

      This is from book of biography of Divine History and Life of Virgin Mary as shown to Sister Mary de Agreda by God. She lived 1602-1665.

      It is God that decided to have Mama Mary to be born free from sin. This book also explains the Apocalypse part of the bible.



      As soon as Lucifer with his followers entered hell, they assembled in general council, which lasted to the morning of Thursday. During this time Lucifer exerted all his astuteness and diabolical malice in conferring with the demons and concocting plans to offend God so much the more deeply, and to obtain revenge for the chastisement, to which he had been subjected. They came to the conclusion and resolved that the greatest vengeance and injury against God would be to impede the effects of the love, which they knew God bore toward mankind. This they hoped to attain by deceiving men, and persuading them, or even, as far as possible, compelling them to neglect the friendship of God, to be ungrateful toward Him, and to rebel against his will.

      123. "This we must strive to do," said Lucifer, "toward this end we must apply all our forces, all our solicitude and knowledge. We will subject the human creatures to our influence and will, in order to destroy them. We will persecute this race of men and will deprive them of the reward promised to them. We will exert all our vigilance, to prevent them from arriving at the vision of God, which was denied us un justly. I will gain great triumphs over them; I will destroy them all and subject them to my designs. I will sow new sects and errors, and set up laws contrary to those of the Most High in all things. I will raise up from among men false prophets and leaders, who will spread these doctrines (Act 20, 30) and I will scatter this seed through them and afterwards I will assign to them a place in these profound torments. I will afflict the poor, oppress the afflicted, and persecute the timid. I will sow discord, excite wars, and stir up nations against each other. I will raise up proud and haughty men to extend the dominion of sin and after they shall have executed my designs, I will bury them in this eternal fire, and in so much the greater torments, the more faithfully they followed me. This is my kingdom and this is the reward which I will give to those who follow me."

      124. "I will wage fierce war against the incarnate Word, for although He is God, He is also man, and therefore of a lower nature than mine. I will exalt my throne and my dignity above his; I will conquer Him and will humble Him by my power and astuteness. The Woman who is to be his Mother shall perish at my hands. What is one Woman against my power and greatness? And you, ye demons, who were injured together with me, follow me and obey me in the pursuit of this vengeance, as you have followed me in disobedience I Pretend to love men, in order to destroy them; serve them, in order to ruin them and deceive them; help them, in order to pervert them and draw them into these my hellish regions." No human tongue can explain the malice and fury of this first council of Lucifer and his hosts against the human race, which although not yet in existence, was to be created. In it were concocted all the vices and sins of the world, thence proceeded lies, sects and errors; all iniquity had its origin in that chaos and in that abominable gathering, and all those that do evil are in the service of the prince of this assembly.

      125. Having closed this meeting, Lucifer sought permission to speak with God, and his Majesty, for his own exalted ends, gave him permission. This was allowed in the same manner in which satan spoke to God when he asked permission to persecute Job (Job 1, 6), and it happened on the day which corresponds to our Thursday. He addressed the Most High in the following words: "Lord, since Thou hast laid thy hand so heavily upon me in chastising me with so great cruelty, and since Thou hast predetermined all that Thou desirest to do for the men whom Thou art to create; and since Thou wishest to exalt and elevate so high the incarnate Word and enrich the Woman, who is to be his Mother, with all thy predestined gifts, be now equitable and just; as Thou hast given me permission to persecute the rest of men, give me also permission to tempt and make war against Christ, the Man-God and the Woman, who is to be his Mother; give me freedom to exert all my powers against Them." Other things Lucifer said on that occasion, and, in spite of the great violence occasioned to his pride by the humiliation, he humbled himself nevertheless in order to ask for this permission. His wrathful anxiety to obtain what he desired was so great that he was willing to subdue even his arrogance, thus forcing one iniquity to yield to another. He knew too well that without the permission of the omnipotent Lord he could attempt nothing. In order to be able to tempt Christ our Lord, and his most holy Mother in particular, he was willing to humiliate himself a thousand times, for he feared the threat, which had been made, that She should crush his head.

      126. The Lord answered: "Thou must not, satan, ask such a permission as due to thee in justice, for the incarnate Word is God and Lord most high and omnipotent, though He is at the same time true man, and thou art his creature. Even if the other men sin and subject themselves to thy will, this will not be possible in my Only begotten made man. Though thou mayest succeed in making men slaves of sin, Christ will be holy and just, segregated from sinners. He will redeem them, if they fall. And this Woman against whom thou hast such wrath, although She is to be a mere creature and a true daughter of man, is to be preserved by my decree from sin. She is to be altogether mine forever and on no account or title shall anyone else be allowed to have part in Her."

      127. To this satan replied: "But what wonder that this Woman should be holy, since no one on this earth will be allowed to draw Her to the contrary, or persecute Her and incite Her to sin? This cannot be equity, nor just judgment, nor can this be proper and praiseworthy." Lucifer added yet other blasphemies in his arrogance. But the Most High, who disposes all things with wisdom, answered him: "I will give thee permission to tempt Christ, so that He will be an example and a teacher in this to all the rest of men. I also give thee permission to persecute the Woman, but thou must not touch Her in regard to the life of her body. It is my will, that Christ and his Mother be not exempt from temptation, and that They be tempted by thee like the rest of men." This permission was more pleasing to the dragon than that of being free to persecute all the rest of the human race. In this he resolved to use more care than in the pursuit ofany other project, as afterwards really happened. To no one else than himself was he resolved to confide its execution. Therefore the Evangelist proceeds to say:

      128. "He persecuted the Woman, who brought forth the man-child." For with the permission of the Lord, he waged unheard of war and persecution against Her, whom he thought to be the Mother of God incarnate. But since these persecutions and battles will be described later (No. 692-697, Part II 340-71;III 451528), I will only say here, that they were beyond all conception of man. Equally admirable, washer glorious resistance and victory over them. Therefore in order to describe the manner in which She defended Herself, he says: "There were given to her two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the desert unto her place, where she is nourished for a time and times." These two wings were given to the most holy Virgin before She entered upon the combat, for She was prepared by special gifts and favors. The one wing was an infused science, which revealed anew to Her vast mysteries and sacraments; the other was a new and sublime humility, as will be explained in its place (Part II 335-339, Part III 448-450). With these two wings She took her flight to the Lord, her proper habitation, for in Him alone She lived and in Him was centered all her attention. She flew like the royal eagle, without ever directing her flight towards the enemy, being alone in her flight and living in seclusion from all earthly things, solely in communion with her last End, which is the Divinity. In this solitude She "was nourished for a time and times," for though this nourishment lasted all her life, yet it was more abundant in the times of her great battles with satan. In those times She received favors more proportioned to the greatness of the conflict. By "time and times" is also understood the felicity, by which her victories were rewarded and crowned.

      129. "And half a time from the face of the serpent." This half a time was that, in which the most holy Virgin was free from the persecution of the dragon and far from his sight during this life; for, having conquered him in her battles, She was, by divine providence and as Victress, freed from them. This freedom was conceded to Her in order that She might enjoy the peace and quiet, which She had merited after having conquered the enemy, as I will describe farther on (Part III, 526). Concerning the time of the combat the Evangelist says:

      130. "And the serpent cast out of his mouth after the woman, water, as it were, a river, that he might cause her to be carried away; and the earth helped the woman and the earth opened her mouth and swallowed up the river, which the dragon cast out of his mouth." All his malice and all his forces Lucifer exerted and directed against the Mistress; for all those, who were ever tempted by him, seemed to him of less importance than most holy Mary. With the same force as the current of a great swift river, so them a lice, and the lies, and the temptations flowed from the mouth of that dragon against Her. But the earth helped Her; for the earth of her body and of her inclinations was not cursed, nor did the sentence and punishment, which God hurled against Adam and Eve, touch Her in any way. For in it our earth is cursed and produces thorns instead of fruit. It is wounded in its very nature by its inclination to sin-"fomes Peccati" (Gen. 3, 17), which continues to assault us and causes opposition. The devil avails himself of these inclinations for the ruin of men, for he finds within us arms for his offensive warfare; and catering to our evil inclinations by his false representations and apparent sweetness and delight, he draws us toward sensible and earthly things.

      131. But the most blessed Mary, the holy and sanctified earth without touch of bad inclinations or evil dispositions, was free from all danger of corruption arising from the earth. On the contrary, since all her inclinations were most orderly, composed and obedient to grace, the earth of her body was in perfect harmony with her soul. Thus this earth opened its mouth and swallowed up the stream of temptations which the dragon raised up for Her in vain; for he found that material indisposed and unfomented for sin, unlike the other offspring of Adam. Their terrestrial and disorderly passions are more adapted to produce the floods of temptation, than to absorb them, since our passions and our corrupt nature are always in opposition to virtue. On account of the futility of his efforts against this mysterious Woman, Scripture says:

      132. "And the dragon was angry against the Woman: and he went to make war with the rest of her seed, who keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ." The dragon, having been gloriously overcome in all things by the Queen of all creation and dreading the furious torments of his own confusion and the ruin of all hell power, fled from Her, determined to make cruel war against the other souls belonging to the generation and race of the most blessed Mother. These are the faithful, who are marked with the testimony and the blood of Christ in Baptism as keepers of his commands and constant witnesses. For all the wrath of the demon turned so much the more toward the holy Church and its members, when he saw, that he would be unable to gain any advantage over Christ and his most holy Mother. Especially does he war against the virgins of Christ, and with a more particular hatred does he seek to destroy the virtue of virginity or chastity, this being the seed and the inheritance of the most chaste Virgin and Mother of the Lamb.


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    • Jonathan Lopez
      Please read. It reveals the mystery and sequence on how heaven, earth, hell, angels was created. And from angels then came Lucifer. And then after it the
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        Please read. It reveals the mystery and sequence on how heaven, earth, hell, angels was created. And from angels then came Lucifer. And then after it the Incarnate Word and His Mother.  






        80. The Cause of all causes is God, who created all things that have being. His powerful arm gave existence to all his wonderful works ad extra when and how He chose. The beginning and succession of the work of Creation is described by Moses in the opening chapter of Genesis. Since the Lord has given me an understanding thereof, I will mention what I think useful for elucidating the mysterious origin of the Incarnation of the Word and of our Redemption.

        81. The words of the first chapter of Genesis are as follows:               

        1. "In the beginning God created heaven and earth.

        2. "And the earth was void and empty, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the spirit of God moved over the waters.

        3. "And God said: Be light made. And light was made.

        4. "And God saw the light that it was good; and he divided the light from the darkness.

        5. "And he called the light day, and the darkness night and there was evening and morning one day," etc.


        Of the first day Moses says that "In the beginning God created heaven and earth." Though He himself is immutable in being, the almighty God, in calling creatures into existence, issued, so to say, forth from his own Self and gave to creatures a being of their own, in order that He might, as it were, rejoice in the works of his own hands, as being the perfect and adequate results of his operations. And before creating intellectual and rational creatures, desiring also the order of executing these works to be most perfect, He created heaven for angels and men; and the earth as a place of pilgrimage for mortals. These places are so adapted to their end and so perfect, that as David says of them, the heavens publish the glory of the Lord, the firmament and the earth announce the glory of the works of his hands (Ps. 18, 2). The heavens in their beauty manifest his magnificence and glory, because in them is deposited the predestined reward of the just. And the earthly firmament announced that there would be creatures and men to inhabit the earth and that men should journey upon it to their Creator. Before He created them the Most High wished to provide for them and create that which is necessary for the attainment of their end, and for living in the manner ordained for them. Thus all parts of the creation would be compelled as it were to obey and love their Maker and Benefactor and by his works to learn of his holy name and of his perfections (Rom. 1,20).

        82. Of the earth Moses says, that it was void, which he does not say of the heavens; for God had created the angels at the instant indicated by the word of Moses:

        "God said: Let there be light, and light was made." He speaks here not only of material light, but also of the intellectual or angelic lights. He does not make express mention of them, but merely includes them in  this word, on account of the proclivity of the Hebrews to attribute Divinity to new things, even of much greater inferiority than the angels. But the metaphor of light was very appropriate to signify the angelic nature and mystically, the light of their science and grace, with which they were endowed at their creation. God created the earth conjointly with the heavens, in order to call into existence hell in its centre; for, at the instant of its creation, there were left in the interior of that globe spacious and wide cavities, suitable for hell, purgatory and limbo. And in hell was created at the same time material fire and other requisites, which now serve for the punishment of the damned. The Lord was presently to divide the light from the darkness and to call the light day and the darkness night. And this did happen not only in regard to the natural night and day, but in regard to the good and bad angels; for to the good, He gave the eternal light of his vision and called it day, the eternal day; and to the bad, the night of sin, casting them into the eternal darkness of hell. Thus we were to be taught the intimate relation between the merciful liberality of the Creator and Vivifier and the justice of the most just Judge in punishment.

        83. The angels were created in the empyrean heavens and in the state of grace by which they might be first to merit the reward of glory. For although they were in the midst of glory, the Divinity itself was not to be made manifest to them face to face and unveiled, until they should have merited such a favor by obeying the divine will. The holy angels, as well as the bad ones, remained only a very short time in the state of probation; for their creation and probation with its result were three distinct instants or moments, separated by short intermissions. In the first instant they were all created and endowed with graces and gifts, coming into existence as most beautiful and perfect creatures. Then followed a short pause, during which the will of the Creator was propounded and intimated, and the law and command was given them, to acknowledge Him as their Maker and supreme Lord, and to fulfill the end for which they had been created. During this pause, instant or interval, Saint Michael and his angels fought that great battle with the dragon and his followers, which is described by the apostle Saint John in the twelfth chapter of the Apocalypse. The good angels, persevering in grace, merited eternal happiness and the disobedient ones, rebelling against God, merited the punishment, which they now suffer.

        84. Although all this of the second instant could have happened in a very brief time on account of the subtle nature of the angels and the power of God, nevertheless I understood, that the kind consideration of the Most High permitted a certain delay. With the interposition of some intervals of time, He proposed to them the good and the bad, truth and falsehood, justice and injustice, divine grace and friendship as opposed to sin and enmity of God. They were enabled to see eternal reward and eternal punishment, the perdition of Lucifer and of those that would follow him. His Majesty showed them hell and its pains. They saw it all; for, by virtue of their superior and excellent nature, they understood the essence of other more qualified and limited creatures; so that, before falling from grace, they were clearly aware of the place of their chastisement. Although they did not know in the same manner the reward of glory, they had of it other knowledge and besides they had the manifest and express promise of the Lord The Most High had therefore justified his cause and proceeded with the greatest equity and justice. But as all this goodness and equity did not suffice to restrain Lucifer and his followers, they were chastised in their stubbornness and hurled into the depths of the hellish caverns, while the good angels were confirmed in eternal grace and glory. All this was consummated in the third instant, and thus it became truly manifest that no being outside of God himself is impeccable by nature, since the angel, who held such an exalted position and was adorned with so many great gifts of knowledge and grace, nevertheless sinned and was lost. What will become of human frailty, if the divine power does not defend it and if it forces God to forsake it?

        85. It remains to investigate the motive, which urged Lucifer and his confederates to sin and what was the occasion of their disobedience and fall, for this is the point to which I wanted to come. In regard to this, it was made known to me that they could commit many sins as far as the guilt of sin (secundum reatum) is concerned, although they did not consummate them in acts. However, on account of those which they did actually commit freely and of their own depraved will, they acquired the disposition to all bad acts, inducing others to commit and approving in others those sins, which they could not commit them selves. Following the bad inclinations which from that time on filled Lucifer, he fell into a most disorderly self-love, which arose from the consciousness of being endowed with greater gifts and greater beauty of nature and grace, than the other inferior angels. He tarried with inordinate pleasure in this consciousness; and thus self-satisfied he became lax and remiss in the gratitude, which was due to God as the sole cause of all that he had received. Turning again and again in admiration toward himself, he took pleasure in his own beauty and grace, attributing them to himself and loving them as his own. This disorderly self-love not only caused him to exalt himself on account of the superior virtues, which he had received, but also induced him to harbor envy and covetousness for other gifts and for excellences no this own. Then, because he could not attain them, he conceived a mortal hatred and indignation against God, who created him out of nothing, and against all his creatures.

        86. Hence arose his disobedience, presumption, injustice, infidelity, blasphemy, and perhaps also a certain kind of idolatry, for he coveted for himself the adoration and reverence due to God. He blasphemed the divine magnificence and holiness, he failed in the trust and loyalty due to Him; he plotted to destroy all the creatures, and presumed to be able to do all this and much more by his own power. Thus his pride ascends continually (Ps. 73, 23) and perseveres, though his arrogance is greater than his strength, for in this he cannot increase (Is. 16, 6) and in sin, one abyss calls the other (Ps. 14, 8).The first angel who sinned was Lucifer, as is described in the fourteenth chapter of Isaias. He induced others to follow him and therefore he is called the prince of the demons; not on account of his natural gifts, for these would not secure to him that title, but on account of his guilt. Those that sinned were not all of one order or hierarchy, but among all hierarchies there were many who sinned.

        87. It is proper, that I also explain what was made known to me concerning the kind of honor and excellence, which Lucifer aspired to and envied. As in the works of God there is measure, number and weight (Wis. 11, 21), his Providence decided to show to the angels, immediately after their creation and before they could incline to diverse ends, the purpose for which He had created them with such an exalted and perfect nature. Of all this I obtained the following information:

        At first they received a more explicit intelligence of the being of God, one in substance, trine in person, and that they were commanded to adore and reverence Him as their Creator and highest Lord, infinite in his essence and attributes. All subjected themselves to this command and obeyed it, but with a certain difference; the good angels obeyed through love and on account of the justice of it, offering their love and good will, freely admitting and believing what was above their intelligence, and obeying with joy. Lucifer, on the other hand, submitted him-self, because the opposite seemed to him impossible. He did not do it with perfect charity, for he, as it were, was divided in his will between himself and the infallible truth of the Lord. In consequence it happened that the precept appeared to him in a measure difficult and violent, and his fulfilling of it was wanting in love and in the desire to do justice. Thus he exposed himself beforehand to the danger of not persevering. Although grace did not leave him on account of this remissness and slowness in the accomplishment of these first acts, nevertheless his bad disposition began with them; for there remained with him a certain weakness and laxity of virtue and spirit, and the perfection of his nature did not shine forth as it should. It appears to me that the effect of this remissness in Lucifer, is similar to that which is caused in the soul by a deliberate venial sin. I do not say that he sinned mortally, nor even venially at that time, since he fulfilled the precept of God; but this fulfillment was remiss and imperfect, springing more from a sense of overwhelming compulsion, than from a loving willingness to obey. Thus he put himself in danger of falling.

        88. In the second place, the angels were informed that God was to create a human nature and reasoning creatures lower than themselves, in order that they too should love, fear and reverence God, as their Author and eternal Good. They were informed that these were to stand in high favor, and that the second Person of the blessed Trinity was to become incarnate and assume their nature, raising it to the hypostatic union and to divine Personality; that therefore they were to acknowledge Him as their Head, not only as God, but as God and man, adoring Him and reverencing Him as Godman. Moreover, these same angels were to be his inferiors in dignity and grace and were to be his servants. God gave them an intelligence of the propriety and equity, of the justice and reasonableness of such a position. For the acceptation of the merits foreseen of this Man God was exhibited to them as the source of the grace which they now possessed and of the glory which they were to obtain. They understood also that they themselves had been, and all the rest of the creatures should be created for his glory, and that He was to be their Head. All those that were capable of knowing and enjoying God, were to be the people of the Son of God, to know and reverence Him as their Chief. These commands were at once given to the angels.

        89. To this command all the obedient and holy angels submitted themselves and they gave their full assent and acknowledgment with an humble and loving subjection of the will. But Lucifer, full of envy and pride, resisted and induced his followers to resist likewise, as they in reality did, preferring to follow him and disobey the divine command. This wicked prince persuaded them, that he would be their chief and that he would set up a government independent and separate from Christ. So great was the blindness which envy and pride could cause in an angel, and so pernicious was the infection that the contagion of sin spread among innumerable other angels.

        90. Then happened that great battle in heaven, which St. John describes (Apoc. 12). For the obedient and holy angels, filled with an ardent desire of hastening the glory of the Most High and the honor of the incarnate Word, asked permission and, as it were, the consent of God, to resist and contradict the dragon, and the permission was granted. But also another mystery was concealed in all this: When it was revealed to the angels that they would have to obey the incarnate Word, another, a third precept was given them, namely, that they were to admit as a superior conjointly with Him, a Woman, in whose womb the Only begotten of the Father was to assume flesh and that this Woman was to be the Queen and Mistress of all the creatures. The good angels by obeying this command of the Lord, with still increasing and more alert humility, freely subjected themselves, praising the power and the mysteries of the Most High. Lucifer, however, and his confederates, rose to a higher pitch of pride and boastful insolence. In disorderly fury he aspired to be himself the head of all the human race and of the angelic orders, and if there was to be a hypostatic union, he demanded that it be consummated in him.

        91. The decree constituting him inferior to the Mother of the Incarnate Word, our Mistress, he opposed with horrible blasphemies. Turning against the Author of these great wonders in unbridled indignation and calling upon the other angels, he exhorted them, saying: "Unjust are these commands and injury is done to my greatness; this human nature which Thou, Lord, lookest upon with so much love and which thou favorest so highly, I will persecute and destroy. To this end I will direct all my power and all my aspirations. And this Woman, Mother of the Word, I will hurl from the position in which Thou hast proposed to place Her, and at my hands, the plan, which Thou settest up, shall come to naught."

        92. This proud boast so aroused the indignation of the Lord that in order to humble it, He spoke to Lucifer: "This Woman, whom thou refusest to honor, shall crush thy head and by Her shalt thou bevanquished and annihilated (Gen. 3, 15). And if, through thy pride, death enters into the world (Wis. 2,24), life and salvation of mortals shall enter through the humility of this Woman. Those that are of the nature and likeness of that Man and Woman, shall enjoy the gifts and the crowns, which thou and thy followers have lost." To all this the dragon, filled with indignation against whatever he understood of the divine will and decrees, answered only with pride and by threatening destruction to the whole human race. The good angels saw the just indignation of the Most High against Lucifer and his apostates and they combated them with the arms of the understanding, reason and truth.

        93. The Almighty at this conjuncture worked another wonderful mystery. Having given to all the angels a sufficiently clear intelligence of the great mystery of the hypostatic Union , He showed them the image of the most holy Virgin by means of an imaginary vision (I speak here according to our way of understanding such things). They were shown the perfection of the human nature in the revelation of an image representing a most perfect Woman, in whom the almighty arm of the Most High would work more wonderfully than in all the rest of the creatures. For therein He was to deposit the graces and gifts of his right hand in a higher and more eminent manner. This sign or vision of the Queen of heaven and of the Mother of the incarnate Word was made known and manifest to all the angels, good and bad. The good ones at the sign of it broke forth in admiration and in canticles of praise and from that time on began to defend the honor of the God incarnate and of his holy Mother, being armed with ardent zeal andwith the invincible shield of that vision. The dragon and his allies on the contrary conceived implacable hatred and fury against Christ and his most holy Mother.


        à These are just few of the many contents taken from book of biography of Divine History and Life of Virgin Mary as shown to Sister Mary de Agreda by God

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      • Jonathan Lopez
        These are the words and boasting of Satan. He affirms with pride:   taken from some words and arguments from some exorcisms performed by Fr. Pellegrino Maria
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          These are the words and boasting of Satan. He affirms with pride:


          taken from some words and arguments from some exorcisms performed by Fr. Pellegrino Maria Ernetti (of the Diocese of Rome; known as the famous exorcist) in the presence of collaborators and registered in magnetic tapes



          I have destroyed Faith. The Pope himself has spoken the crisis of faith.

          I have destroyed Morality. My impure demons are triumphant everywhere.

          I have destroyed Religion. The churches are empty and blasphemies substitute prayer.

          I have destroyed the Family: prostitution is general, and the innocents are slaughtered with abortion.


          Crisis of Faith:


          I have opened a small door Behind the Church. From it my friends have entered: Voltaire with his contesting hatred; Lumier with his corrupting cinema; Luther with his free examination; Marx with atheistic communism; Marcuse with his nihilism; Lenin and Mao with their brainwashing; Freud with his psychoanalysis.


          Above all, I managed to make heresy penetrate the Church deceiving even the priests and prelates (your Christ said that I would deceive even the elect)… I deceived the Dutch bishops with their heretical catechism translated in all languages. I also deceive a number of professors of catechesis and pastoral with their main aim at good salary, amusements, sexology, sensual love which makes forget them the one of God. Victory of Satan: I killed faith. I killed God. I am God! I also work to destroy the beauty of creation by means of my friendly artists. I have impressed my artistic grimace in art, architecture, poetry and music. I have demolished men’s intelligence with drugs, and now, in their folly, they adore Satan.


          Crisis of Morality:


          Here my success was easy. Man is subjugated by the worry of his body, of the flesh, of his belly making it a god. In publicity the usual talk is the care of the skin, the flesh and body beauty. Woman is presented naked (the soul is forgotten). One has to enjoy life (and eternity is forgotten). Sin, demons and hell are childish scarecrow. The corrupting cinema shows examples of vice to everybody. Youth ignore God’s commandments; pornography celebrates the cult of carnal man. You also have youth who call themselves children of Satan and Hell drivers, infernal guides, who during pop-festivals prepare themselves for diabolic possession. Victory of Satan!


          Crisis of the Family:


          I have hit the family at its roots after destroying the authority of the family: divorce, abortifacient and sterilizing pills, millions of abortions, homosexuality, free love, fornification, contempt of matrimony and of chastity. Women are misled with their motherly ideal and children are left to their base instincts, negation of original sin and of its consequences, development of Godless personalities. I will soon do away with that race which still pretends to occupy Heaven the places of the rebellious Angels.


          Crisis of Religion:


          Here is my greatest success: I was able to divest the priests and consecrate Virgins. I make clergy lose their religious vestments. What a pleasure to be able to see catholic women with trouser in mini skirts, with bikini on the sea resorts and soon the monokini, like cattle. I was able to divest bishops with their dignity! I remind you of a significant event in Montreal , whole procession of the Blessed Sacrament was moving on. The Free Masons set a pig loose in front of a Bishop that was carrying the Monstrance with the Eucharist. Superb, magnificent victory!


          You will soon be compelled to abandon your churches and hide in the catacomb. The celebration of the Word and Supper Meal will substitute the Mass Sacrifice, I hate this because it’s real salvation of the world. First your church will turn into gathering places: dialogues, dances, jazz music with guitars and batteries like night clubs. The organ as well as classic polyphony will disappear, things of the past. I am pushing for the concelebration and intercommunion between Catholic priests, Protestant ministers and Jewish rabbi.


          I repeat, we have to desecrate everything as it was done in Soviet Russia . In vain, the Pope will ask for respect for what is sacred, no one will listen to him. Communion in the hand causes particles to fall on the ground and they are trampled underfoot. The women who serve at the altar incite the priests to marry. In a diocese in Quebec , in 10 years you lost 22 priests married. What a success! Christian people have lost respect for priests, for the religious men and women after they rejected the spirit of their Founders. Everywhere Christian education is set aside, neutralized by lay education.


          Then there will come the third world war giving me the possibility to swallow up millions of damn souls to hell. “I will not serve!”. Victory of Lucifer, AntiChrist, the enemy of Christ! I am the king of the world! Children of Satan, fight the children of God, do not show respect for. Damned of the whole world, stand up! Enjoy your paradise here below, because tomorrow you will be damned in “Hell”

        • Jonathan Lopez
          These are Satan’s words   - taken from the words and arguments from some exorcisms performed by Fr. Pellegrino Maria Ernetti (of the Diocese of Rome; known
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            These are Satan’s words


            - taken from the words and arguments from some exorcisms performed by Fr. Pellegrino Maria Ernetti (of the Diocese of Rome ; known as famous exorcists) in the presence of collaborators and registered in magnetic tapes.


            The Most Likes of Devil


            1.     Two hosts in the hand, thus I can trample over your God, that God whom I have killed; I can celebrate my masses (black masses) with my priests snatched from Him…


            2.     The Priest camouflaged. Thus I can bring them where I want, in hotels and private homes looking for women and homosexuals, and I have them to commit sacrileges, then I bring them to my Kingdom where they will never escape from me. (Loud laughter’s)


            3.     Priests and Bishops belonging to my Sects and Free Masonry… Oh how many I bring to hell by means of money and women… How many become my faithful friends with money and women… I take as many of them as I wish, I bring them to my kingdom.


            4.     Short Skirts with which I catch men and women and I fill up my kingdom (long laughter’s, roaring with laughters). How happy I am… What a joy… How happy…!


            5.     Television… Well, television… It is my instrument, I have invented it to destroy the individual souls and families… I divide them, It breaks them up with my programs, subtle and penetrating… Oh, television is the center of attraction to which I attract also so many priests, friars, sisters, especially in the small hours and then make them cease to pray: hahahahahahah…  In a moment, I present myself to the whole world… They listen to me and see me… My faithful servants help me very well, the magicians, the witches, the cartomants, chiromants, the astrologers… Hahahaha.


            6.     The Disco Clubs… What a nice thing… They are my golden palaces where I attract the best hopes of society, whom I make mine, destroying their souls and their bodies… How many thousand and thousands I bring with me with alcohol, with drugs and with sex… Oh what a continuous harvest… I have rented them to many politicians, my faithful servants, to people consecrated… I am the true king of the world, and not your God, whom I have crucified.


            7.     Divorce… The separation of spouses, it was invented by me: I claim the ownership… It is one of my most intelligent discoveries… Thus I destroy the family and destroy society, where I am adored as true king of the world… Sex… Sex… Do not listen to that man hanging on the cross who gives you nothing… My kingdom is above all liberty of sensual pleasure, with which I reign on earth.


            8.     Abortion… The killing of innocents, what a masterful discovery! To kill the innocent instead of the guilty ones and the homicides of the Mafia! I destroy humanity and thus they end before birth, the worshippers of your false God… Hurrah!


            9.     Drugs… It is the most tasteful food which I give to the young to eat thus reducing them to madness… Thus I do to them what pleases me… robbers… murderers… lustful, ferocious like me… Rulers of the world…My ministers…


            10. Above all I like those Bishops and Priests who give me joy… who deny my real existence and my work in the world… and they are many… Oh what a joy… What a joy for me… I work peacefully and sure…Even the theologians today do not believe in my existence… How beautiful! What a joy…! And thus they deny also that God who had come to destroy me…Instead I have won… I nailed him on the Cross… Hahahaha…! Good, these priests…Most wonderful these bishops… The best these theologians… They are all my little servants… I do with them what I want… Hahaha…! They are already mine… I bring them where I wish… Dressed like sextons… With the cigarette always in their mouth… Perfumed like dandies….Looking for easy women…With a car the last model… Full of money… They rebel against the dogmas of their false God… and of the false Church of that crucified, my victim… They are the most faithful soldiers of my kingdom, full, of them… With them I spread confusion and mystify my people, whom I draw further away from the false God… And I bring my kingdom of hatred and eternal despair…For ever with me, with me…Hahahaha! How many of them I had listed in my sects… Encouraged by my career and by my money…I bur them easily… Because finally I managed to make them not love their God, nor that Woman who pretends to have defeated me…”


            11. The Politicians who declares themselves Christians, and yet they are not Christians because they are mine and at my service…Presenting themselves as Christians they manage to deceive many persons who follow them to where I cunningly lead them.. They come with me to steal cheerfully the money of people…Money which is the fruit of effort  and tears, for work done in suffering; money taken from poor families with unjust taxes, imposed by these politicians who fatten themselves, waste, spend and squander without restraint…

            And yet I have them to make declarations of uprightness, of honesty, of goodness, of loyalty, of Christian sincerity so to deceive even the priests and bishops with them… Money is my most efficacious weapon; priests and bishops close their eyes on these politicians, my servants and slaves… It is enough that they find money to build or restore churches, homes for orphans, beautiful and comfortable parochial houses…They are my most faithful sacristans, through whom I can penetrate in the houses of the clergy, obedient to my money… Are not these politicians who signed the approval of adultery, divorce and abortion? Yet the clergy…offer them the propaganda I desire…(Laughter)


            12. The Politicians who call themselves secular are the forerunners of my kingdom…The lies masterly studied, the abuse of power diligently executed the robbery in Mafia style, the maneuvers diplomatically done, the immorality diffused by means of press and mass-media, the homicides, the kidnapping organized and executed under the threat of weapon, the spreading of different drugs through the most rigid conspiracy of silence, and many, many other crimes and social disorders.

            These are all the works I execute through these politicians, my followers and faithful servants… They have from me the special mandate to use all kinds of means and most devilish ways to destroy society; unfortunately, still linked to that crucified whom I hanged from the infamous wood… Destroy, destroy…!

            These politicians are my disciples and beloved followers because they are most obedient to my wish, unaware of it… They are the one who organize the most active and underhand free mason lodges in every city and town, the most deceitful and most daring, always offering money, careers and pleasures… They are those who receives my precise orders to penetrate and destroy the Church from within… How many ecclesiastics have fallen and continue to fall at the proposal and enticement of money and carreers… My main ideal and project is to destroy the Church. Oh how happy… How Happy…!

            With these my most politicians I have already started to destroy society at every level and in all environments, undermining the order of public security, of economy, of diplomacy, of social relationships… Obviously, always with my weapon of ambition, career, money, women, pleasures… Oh how happy! What a Joy! What a victory!! (hahahahaha…. Vulgar laughters…)


            13. I like in particular manner, the Judges and Magistrates who bear on their shoulder the motto “Justice is equal for All” except for themselves! How good are these friends, how faithful these my slaves of justice! At long lasts, I was able to politicize also the judges! Finally, I was able to buy them money and under-the-table envelopes! How many innocent people I managed to condemned for years and years… While my followers, considered murderers and rogues are considered absolved… I make them to leave prison because they have to continue to expand my kingdom of disorders, homicides, robbery, drug pushing, kidnapping of persons and of children… What a marvel are these politicized politicians. I have such an influence on them as to make them no longer recognize what is right from what is wrong…! They are today my specialized unit of assault against justice! What a marvel to be able to free from prison the Mafiosi and leave to jail the poor who are more or less innocent! How nice to set free the false repented with whom I act with more security! How nice to send to house-arrest those whom I can better organize destruction of society! Good, very good… Lost judges! And how many, how many pass to my reign everyday, attracted by money, and by career and  by pride, my weapons… Loved and desired by them… (Long laughter)…)! And those judges who do not want to surrender to me… I make them disappear… And what is the never ending fighting among magistrates, if not the fruit of my presence and of my constant and insistent work? And what is the continuous fight among magistrates and politicians and the peace forces, if not the effect of the poison that I am able to constantly inject among them? (Laughter…) It is finished… It is the end of the fictitious peace permitted by that clown God, whom I have overcome and crucified… It is the end, the whole world is with me… I am already the king of the world… I am…!


            14. My particular predilection are the sects, that I continue to create and spread in the whole world. They are the most immediate means with which I uproot faith in that false God of yours in which I crucified… Thus I create a Babel within the faith… Your white priest (the Pope) screams and yells… Because he fears me, he fears that I may usurp his already shaking throne… But I have already won, I have caused a Babel in faith, among the simple ones as well as scholars, including priests, theologians and bishops… My sects are ever more invincible… My Free Masonry pays well, pays much to every followers of mine… I will always be the winner.

            In Italy I have 672 sects and religions whom you call satanic. They are filled up of souls voted to me consecrated and baptized with their own blood under my name… They render me daily cult which I deserve as sovereign of the Earth, with prayers, hymns and songs… And with black masses during which I win, trampling upon and destroying those Hosts in which the stupid Christians believe the Crucified to be present… If it were so why does He permit me to destroy him unblemished…? (Long Laughter and Vulgar screams…).

            These SECTS, sent by me together with my followers unceasingly convert the Christians and make them my faithful disciples… there are hundreds and hundreds of every hour deny your faith to join my sects, where I welcome them with open arms and give to all of them my pleasures and liberty to separate from themselves to Church… Everywhere I have my sects who work indefatigably… On the other hand, at present many churches and parishes are without priest… I managed to destroy and cause the death of vocations… And my sects substitute the priest…(Hahaha! A long laughter!)… Testimonies of Jehovah to the Centers of the age of the Aquarium, to the Stainer anthroposophics, to the theosophics, to the Carolina , to the Cenacle 33 to the center of Schamannesimo, to the Ergonian, to the Scientologists and many other sects and religions of mine, which everyday I invent and create, are a true army which fights against your Church… I will win, I will win…! Even though your Crucified has told you that gates of hell will not prevail” (Hahahah…Laughter). In addition to this, I have infiltrated into base-groups which you believe to be yours… Instead they are mine, I have already caught them throwing in each one my hysterical paroxysm… All them becoming false visionaries of Christs and Madonnas, who like them believe, they are speaking… but it is I who reveal myself to them…(Laughter!).


            15. My theologians, with the doctrine inspired by me… Oh, this, yes, constitutes my “diamond point” of first front line! What intelligent theologians! They have understood that those very rigid dogmas, dictated by some idiots ecclesiastical heads, in reality, they are infantile untruthfulness, which tumble down at the simple comparison with daily realities… How nice they are… Very nice…! Beside, I convinced them to teach my doctrines not only in ordinary seminaries, but even in the highest and prestigious Pontifical Universities, even to the Roman one of your white priest (the Pope; the Lateran University).I inspired the doctrine of the “Death of God” and with it millions of scholars have come after me, they have become my disciples and convinced followers. Since I rule, your God is dead, he exists no longer. Therefore any restricting law is finished, all can and should live freely, as I am teaching: freedom of ideas, freedom of thought, freedom of action.. One is totally free to act and do what he believes and whishes, everywhere and always and with everyone… There is no longer any norm and rule… Each one is as I am, master of all and everybody; your God is dead! And how could it be denied when your own very Crucified has declared that I, only I, am “the prince of this world?” And if He Himself has said this “all the world is under my absolute control.” Finally these theologians who are absolutely the most intelligent, have agreed with me. But if God is dead, all the other dogmas have fallen: Creation, Incarnation, Resurrection, Immaculate Conception, the Eucharist and all the Sacraments, are all little stories invented to keep the Christians submissive… Behold hundreds and hundreds of my theologians, who have even the courage to challenge the white priest ( the Pope) with letters and signatures…Let him prove the contrary, if he has the courage and if he is able… He has shaken his head and let my theologians continue these teachings, without the least reprimand and punishment… Hence, he himself agrees with me, in the denial of all his dogmas… What a wonderful man! (Laughter…) And while these theologians are with me, there are other small theologians who deny my existence, as a fairy tale, reducing all my presences and manifestations to purely psychiatric and physical facts. Very good… Do always thus and I will continue my infernal work wounding without a single shot! My intelligent theologians deny the dogmas of your Church, and stupid theologians deny my existence… What a triumph…! (Laughter). But then where are the heretics of the past? No one? Neither those who deny the dogmas, nor those who deny me, and yet in the list of dogmas was also the one of my existence…? I have defeated your Church


          • Jonathan Lopez
            Please read, this is for your own sake:   “Too Many Souls are going to Hell”, this is what Our Blessed Mother’s message for us. She’s tearfully
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              Please read, this is for your own sake:


              Too Many Souls are going to Hell”, this is what Our Blessed Mother’s message for us. She’s tearfully pleading for us to change.


              It is quite difficult to discern good and evil in today’s materialistic, atheistic and corrupted world where all is evaluated from the point of view of gain and wealth, beauty or physical appearance, power and success; because evil is often disguise as good and virtuous. Didn’t we understand that Satan works secretly and hides himself for us to be able to know? Many would say that our generation today is very lucky than the earlier days. We have lots of innovations and advance technologies; the televisions, cinemas, internet, laptops, ipod, and many other gadgets as examples. Didn’t we know that all of these seduce humanity to become materialistic and were invented to lead humanity astray? Look at the television and cinemas, Satan mentioned that TV is one of his favorite invention. This is his instrument to destroy every soul and families thru violent and corrupted programs with impurities and immorality. Isn’t it that our generation is much corrupted than before because of this? Today’s world is full of sex crimes, divorces, adultery, abuse, numberless murders, intolerance, disrespect towards God, religion derision and disgrace of human dignity. Let’s take another one: most have ipods and the likes in other forms as mp3 player, etc and carry it anywhere; Satan wants to introduce noise and some form of entertainment; it is his way to forget and distract our communication to God thru prayers. It is in silence that you will hear God. It is in silence that God will hear you when you pray. Look at the credit cards; it is there so that one can buy even without money. It entices you to buy and buy more things. The PSPs and other game gadgets, the children at home prefer it rather than to play or talk with their parents. Even old ones are addicted to it. The internet is there as another way to propagate corruption, immorality and impurity. Many are addicted to it and prefer to surf, look for porn pictures, movies and even play. Satan wants us to sin and always keep us busy to forget God. It’s the power of microchip that Satan uses. Another thing, contraceptives are there so that nobody can conceive a child. As a result, it introduces sexual abuse. These are all Satan’s instrument. Satan knows that these things bring more of negative impact to humanity than of the positive impact. Thus, it is his way, his tactic, his instrument for the fulfillment of his plans. These are so many things today that we think helps humanity a lot. But in essence it is there so that humanity can be lead astray to God. Little by little, we didn’t know that we already fall under his trap. Satan often mixed bad things with some good things, false with some truths to confuse. He said “I Pretend to love men, in order to destroy them; serve them, in order to ruin them and deceive them; help them, in order to pervert them and draw them into these my hellish regions.". We are then deceived if we believe that what’s happening in our world today was just fine. All of this and many things are works of Satan thru the Black Beast mentioned in the Apocalypse (Revelation) part of the Bible.


              The Black beast was now triumphant anywhere. He already controls most of sectors in the society, most souls in particular. It is mentioned on that part of the Holy Scripture (Bible) that the Black Beast forces all the people, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave to be given a stamped image on his right hands or their foreheads. Most people now have received his mark, which is the” 666 in his forehead and his right hand”. Our Blessed Mother Mary explains this (not a priest, pastor, minister or any bible scholar). The forehead is the person’s intellect and will. He who allows himself to be signed with the “mark on his forehead” is led to accept the doctrine of the denial of God, the rejection of His law, and of atheism which, in these times, is more and more diffused and advertised. And thus, he is driven to follow the ideologies in mode today and make himself the propagator of all errors. On the other hand, he who allows himself to be signed with the “mark of his right hand” is obliged to act in an autonomous manner and independent of God, ordering his own activities to the quest of purely material and terrestrial good. Thus he withdraws his action from the design of God the Father who wants to illumine it and sustain it by his Divine Providence; from the love of the Son who makes human toil a precious means for ones own redemption and sanctification; and from the power of the Spirit who acts everywhere to interiorly renew every creature. He who is signed with the mark on his hand works for himself alone, to accumulate material goods, to make money his god and become victim of materialism. He works solely for the gratification of his senses, for the quest of well-being and pleasure, for granting full satisfaction of his own passions, especially that of impurity. He with this mark makes his own self the center of all his actions, looks upon others as object to be used and to be exploited.


              Poor mankind, so deceived by the devil! They sing, dance, and enjoy themselves, like the passengers of “Titanic”, while they are slowly sinking into the infernal whirlpools. They didn’t know how Satan is working. Satan really hides himself and work secretly. He has so many worldly offerings. We are tempted to acquire riches and material things. Many are conscious of their body, their flesh, their face, their skin, their figure and their belly making it God. Women are enticed to wear immodest dresses, one that reveals their flesh. Pornography, violence and immorality are being spread thru mass media. These are just some examples. Many are lost and being forced by Satan to receive his 666 mark, to follow him on this trending, on his offering, on what are happening now. In fact, many had volunteered to help him; because we lack the knowledge. We think we know everything, yet we lack the most important awareness, that is, the ability to choose true good and the ability how we can be saved and enter Heaven.


              Many of us were unconscious of what our sins are. This is because we are blinded by darkness and we think that what we doing were just normal. In case we are aware of our sins, we persist and continue to do it. We are hesitant or don’t want to change at all.  Mortal sin is our number one enemy, since it is only and derisive cause of the damnation of souls that are in hell. It is told by the Blessed Mother, that “sins of the flesh” is the most reason why many people goes to hell. Many abuse their sexuality today; contraceptives, masturbation, infidelity with their partner, homosexuality, premarital sex, and” live-in and sex” without marriage. Even Jesus mentioned that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. All of these are sin which we consider are normal during this time.


              Our everyday life is so mixed with sins that we no longer pay attention to it. Many find it hard to discover. For example, saying impure or any non-sense word or expression is a sin, and we often say and do this and we didn’t notice that we sinned already. Also, when making a comment on a particular person’s action, speech or situation, be careful, you might already be judging that person. Another thing, if we think of the doctors and paramedics who works in a hospital that performs abortion, none of them deems himself to be a sinner because of his job. Sin has become normal and perhaps “Too many souls are going to hell”. If those condemned in hell were about to return to earth for each moment, without exception, all will be willing to change their lifestyle.


              We should have a keen conscience that avoids sin. In doing so, also avoid it’s so called “near occasions” (that is, persons, places, things and events) that leads to sin.


              Study your behavior, study your lifestyle. Ask yourself if you are pleasing to God or you live according to the will of yourself. Many of us did not ask seriously ourselves if our lives are pleasing to God, and without fear, we believe that everything is well with us. We think that all we do is well done and we do not sin. We do not put questions the desires of God. We often do everything without love, without fear of the Lord. If one makes notice their faults, they find a justification for everything. Be aware, Satan will use everything and help you justify your faults.


              Live simply! Eat simply! Love one another simply. Do not think that you live in this world where the need for simplicity has already disappeared.


              When the topic is about God or anything religious, very few people find interest in it. Instead they are very much interested on gossips, topics on sexuality, pleasures and many things of sensuality, of their enjoyment, of their excitement, of their obsession. Very few people use their spare time on the things worthy for God. It is a pause in our life, time for reflections, for communication to God, for prayers. You can use it to know God’s message thru reading the Bible or anything that will enrich and benefit our spirituality. Instead, many use their spare time on their addiction and vices, gossips, watching movies of impurity, of violence, telenovela, playing video or computer games, etc which indeed brings pleasure to them. Jesus wants you to think of each activity you are doing and ask Him if that is something He wanted you to do. Jesus wants you to remove each activity that does not further His will. Let us use our time wisely. We will be judged on how we spend our time here on earth.


              There is no more greater and extra ordinary job than to work for eternal salvation. Ask yourself “Am I serving the Lord?”  If not, you should consider and start now! We should not be contented with our efforts and service to God. Always strive hard to serve the Lord in everything that you do at anytime and anywhere you are; at home or at the office, any place. Our Lord is not happy to those who are contented with their selves on their service. These people are the so called “Lukewarm souls” and are neither good nor bad. The Lord pours out graces to them but it flow off with them as of the face of a rock. If you are this kind of soul mentioned, act now! The Lord is not pleased with you; strive hard to serve him and change! Or it will be too late… You don’t know when you will die. And when you die, you may wish that you have served!


              A smart person works for his salvation; the crazy one, are those who sin and walk their way to perdition.


              Many of us don’t talk about death. It is a truth and all of us will undergo on that transition to eternal life, Heaven or Hell. When someone dies, it’s funny that most of relatives were busy. They don’t think or ask where the soul of their love one will go. This is the same for us when the topic is death; we talk of other people’s death. We don’t think of our own death. Ask yourself, “If I die today, where will I go? Is it eternal happiness or eternal damnation?” What would you feel if this day you were asked to hand your life to God, and account for it? Would you feel calm and feel confident? You may say, “Heaven or Hell didn’t exist”, that will work for you here on earth and you may even convinced others to believe that. But when you die, it will not work, as the truth is inescapable. Satan is victorious since many people today ignore God’s call. Some didn’t believe His existence. They didn’t believe in Heaven or in Hell. There are many people used by God and show them that Heaven and Hell are true places. The saints are in Heaven now. Some of your loved ones are already in Heaven. All of them know what’s happening to us and they try to intercede for us to change. Damn souls are already in Hell and there are so many souls in Hell.


              We need to change now and convert ourselves to God. Let us ask the heaven for these graces. Grace is a participation of God’s life and friendship. It helps you to avoid sin and make holy and good decisions. These graces are abundant in heaven and heaven will be happy and more willing to help and pour out these graces to us. All we need to do is to ask and a “YES” to serve Him. Grace is God’s gift for our salvation and many find it worthless. Only very few people requests for it; maybe because many don’t want to give up what they had, their way of life, their addiction, their worldly possessions. Indeed, “Too Many Souls Are Going to Hell”.


              We are indeed foolish people when we don’t acknowledge the Divine Grace. Nevertheless, Jesus continuously warns us in the Gospel to be prepared, because without the help of His Grace, nothing is of benefit, and we’ll lose our soul. How sad it is to Our Father that these Graces were refused and rejected. We can ask help with our Blessed Mother which is really close and knows well the friendship with God, being `the one full of Grace! `.


              Confess your sins. Acknowledge it. Many people now do not confess and repent their sins. This is another gift that God sent to us, and yet we are not availing it! It is advised that you should confess frequently (at least every month). Ask yourself, “When was the last time I confess?” Many think that it’s fine not to confess since many today are not doing it anymore. Or they can’t find time. It is so sad that the hidden spiritual strength of the Eucharist and Confession is not taken into consideration by today’s society that repeatedly appeared dragged down to the infernal abyss.


              We should count ourselves lucky when we understand the meaning of life before God, since He created the world exclusively for us, His children. Let us trust the Divine Providence that planned everything for our good. Offer sacrifices to God, accept your sufferings and offer it to Him, be charitable; these things have lots of value in Heaven. Let’s put God and His commandment above any other thing.


              All inhabitants on earth without exception are at risk of going to Hell. Let us then return to Him and…change our lifestyle and behavior! Pray, pray and pray… have a constant communication with God.


              May God Bless Us All



            • Jonathan Lopez
              Sharing lang po uli.... Today a lot of heresies, malice and errors spread against the divinity of the Blessed Virgin Mary which takes her out of picture of
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                Sharing lang po uli....

                Today a lot of heresies, malice and errors spread against the divinity of the Blessed Virgin Mary which takes her out of picture of most religions today. These are all Satan’s plan because he knew as it has been foretold to Him by God from the beginning, that the Virgin Mary will be the one to crush his head. He spoke to Lucifer, the serpent “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel." (Gen. 3, 15). 


                This is the reason why Lucifer, the Dragon wage war against this Woman and the rest of Her seed.


                Then the dragon became angry with the woman and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring, those who keep God’s commandments and bear witness to Jesus” (Rev 12:17)


                The Virgin Mary told on her messages, “The dragon has unleashed war against me, vomiting from his mouth a river of water to submerge me”.


                The serpent however, spewed a torrent of water out of his mouth after the woman to sweep her away with the current” (Rev 12:15)


                The Blessed Mother explains this. The river of water is made of new theological doctrines, which have sought to obscure the image of your heavenly Mother, to deny her privileges, to restructure devotion to her, and to cast ridicule upon all those who are devoted to her. Because of these attacks of the dragon, in these years, piety towards me has steadily diminished among many faithful and in some places has even disappeared.


                Our Blessed Mother told us, “I am the great sign in heaven”.


                A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars” (Rev 12:1)


                She is being used by our Father on Jesus first coming. And then she told “Even with this second coming, the Son will come to you through His Mother”. This is the reason why mostly on this 20th century and up to this moment, our Mother is so active. She has lots of apparitions all over the world. She helps us and intervenes for our salvation. She uses peoples to give us messages to prepare us for the Second Coming of Jesus. Thru those messages, thru her children consecrated on Her Immaculate Heart, She will triumph over Satan, to crush his head.


                Perhaps, this are the reason why many people now, don’t believe in Her, degrade Her; because its really Satan’s plan to take her out of picture. Others just acknowledge Her as Mother of Jesus; only up to that point. They didn’t know the honor, the power and great privilege given to Her by God and the role She has for our salvation, especially during this end of times.


                Here are some of heresies, malice and errors used to degrade our Blessed Mother:


                For example: How can Mary remain a virgin since the Bible mentioned about the brothers of Jesus.


                The original language used in New Testament is written in Greek. In Hebrew or Greek, brother means any kinsman, a relative, and not a mere brother. Genesis 13:8 Abraham called Lot ‘brother’ even if he is actually his nephew.


                Our Blessed Mother is really a virgin, her relationship with Joseph is not like ours; it’s extraordinary. Many people put malice on this one and are being used by Satan to spread this error. Even the apostles know this, and those after them, such as bishops and the Pope. This teaching is what from we called “Sacred Traditions”, learned by people thru homily and oral statements from the apostles even before the New Testament was written.


                2 Thes 2:15 “Therefore, brothers, stand firm and hold fast to the traditions that you were taught, either by an oral statement and letter from ours”. Many religions hold on only on the written one, the Sacred Scripture, which is now corrupted and has many versions, and many had their own interpretations according to themselves.


                Another example, why Catholic venerate Mary too much since Jesus did not even give her that much respect?


                John 2:4 Jesus said to her (Mary), “Woman, how does your concern affect me?”


                This text uses the word “woman” as if Jesus did not respect her mother. The English translation uses “woman”. The original Greek language uses, Gyne, which has a meaning of “Lady”, “Madame” at that time, word that carries deep respect. Every language has its own art of expression and we cannot translate hundred percent the meaning from one language to another. Catholic venerate Mary, this is different from worship which is only to God. She is the most highly favored by God (Luke 1:28). God will be happy to bestow honor to his favorite creature. The favorite of God should also be our favorite, yet she is hated and not honored by others; something that Satan also does. We pray to Mary for her intercession, (James 5:16) “the earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results”. How much more the unceasing prayer of the sinless Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ!


                Our Blessed Mother is really sinless. Since she’s been destined to be the Mother of Jesus our God, the Father willed it for Her to be sinless. She has been freed from the original sin when she was conceived (Immaculate Conception) and remains sinless until death. She’s an exemption to Roman 3:23 “for all have sinned” being the one “full of Grace” (Luke 1:28). Many put errors and heresies on this and consider the Mother of Jesus as sinner.


                It may be a sin to Jesus to degrade the Virgin Mary putting many heresies, and errors against the Divinity of His Beloved Mother and propagate these.


                Let us then consecrate ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the one that leads to His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. She promised Her protection to those consecrated to Her. Praying rosary is form of consecration. It is a powerful tool that has been given to us. It has many promises attached to it. The Blessed Virgin on Her apparitions and revelations encourages us to pray for it. Even Jesus mentioned it to some people on a revelation. The Saints are praying it. St. Padre Pio called the rosary beads a weapon of extraordinary power against Satan. During an exorcism, the Devil said: "Every Hail Mary is like a blow on my head. If Christians knew how powerful the Rosary was, it would be my end." The secret that makes this prayer so effective is that the Rosary is both prayer and meditation. It is addressed to the Father, to the Blessed Virgin, and to the Holy Trinity, and is a meditation centred on Christ.


                On the question: Why do Catholics repeat the same prayer over and over again when they pray the Rosary?  Is this not the vain repetition condemned by Christ in Matthew 6:7?

                Catholics DO NOT just repeat the same prayer over and over again when they pray the Rosary.  The Rosary is a progression of many prayers -- the Apostles' Creed, the Lord's Prayer, the Gloria, the Hail Mary and the Salve Regina -- and these prayers are accompanied by many holy meditations.  As the Rosary progresses, Catholics meditate on the joyful, the sorrowful, and the glorious mysteries of the life of Christ and His Mother.  True, the Hail Mary is repeated many times during the course of the Rosary, and some of the other prayers are repeated several times, but this is not "vain" repetition, certainly not the vain repetition condemned by Our Lord.  The vain repetition He condemned is that of the Pharisees, like people who pray standing "in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men."


                No prayer is vain, no matter how often repeated, if it is sincere, for Christ Himself engaged in repetitious prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane (". . . he went again: and he prayed the third time, saying the selfsame word" -- Matt. 26:39, 42, 44), and we are informed in the Apocalypse (Revelations) 4:8 that the angels in Heaven never cease repeating, night and day, the canticle:  "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, who was, and who is, and who is to come."  The publican humbly repeated the prayer:  "O God, be merciful to me, a sinner," and he went away justified; whereas the Pharisee went home unjustified after his long-winded extemporaneous prayer.  (Luke 18:9-14).  God was likewise pleased with the repetitious prayer of the three young men in the fiery furnace, whom He preserved miraculously untouched by the flames.  (Dan. 3:52-90)


              • Jonathan Lopez
                sharing... December 19, 2003 God the Father   My little ones feel great joy in communicating with Me. That is the smallest foretaste of heaven. In heaven, you
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                  December 19, 2003

                  God the Father


                  My little ones feel great joy in communicating with Me. That is the smallest foretaste of heaven. In heaven, you will have instant and constant communication with Me. We will take such joy in each other, dear children. There is a complete absence of want in heaven. You will search in vain for the poor, the troubled, and the sick. Everywhere you look you will view another tableau of peace and serenity. Souls will seek knowledge and find it. Souls will seek wisdom and obtain it. Souls will seek understanding from others and others will instantly understand them. Such sympathetic listening will take place in heaven, My children. You will know nothing of anxiety for loved ones in heaven because all will be well and all will be decided. There will be no uncertainty in the hearts of My children. Dear ones, this is your destiny. This is your inheritance for which you were created. Your time on earth is a small capsule of time designed to give you the opportunity to obtain your place in heaven. Use the gifts I have given you and you will find no limit to what you can achieve on earth. All heavenly help is available. “But we cannot see it,” reply My children in their poor little hearts. Dear children, as you have been told, you cannot see the wind, but you see the power of the wind and you see the beautiful things that can be achieved when you harness that power. I am the same. How does one harness God? Simply by praying. As you are My servants, I am also your servant, in the sense that a father wants all for his children and gives all to his children. If a child continually refuses a gift from his father, the father knows to stop forcing the gift on that child. The wise father knows that the child cannot be given the gift until the child is ready to see the value of the gift and accept it. This may not be the father’s wish. The father wishes to give the child every gift available and every gift that is valuable to that child. But the wise father waits for the opportunity to direct the child and that opportunity comes when the child begins to listen. Listen to Me, children. I have many graces to give you that you require for your salvation. How sad for Me that My graces are refused and rejected as though they are worthless. I created your world for your pleasure and edification. I did not create your world so that you could sin against each other and sin against Me. Look carefully into your life now. Say to Me, “God, My Father, help me to understand.” I will not refuse this prayer, dearest child destined to be held against My heart. I will not refuse you. I will help you to understand exactly what keeps you from Me. And together, with all of the assistance of heaven, We will bring you to your rightful place. My courage is boundless and I give you a share of that courage. The world will pass away, dear ones, but you will be with Me.



                  August 27, 2003



                  Today I wish to speak to My children about heaven. Heaven is real, dear ones. It is a place and I am there. Most of your deceased family members are here along with all of the saints and many others whom you have not met. There is great fellowship in heaven, particularly among souls who served Me in similar ways. You will feel no pain or fatigue here, but, at times, you will rest in ideas and concepts so that you can learn them. You see, My children, your learning continues and the quenching of the thirst for knowledge is a part of heaven because everyone is able to learn about any topic that sparks their curiosity. You can then build on that and graduate to even deeper levels of knowledge and knowing. This does not feel like school. It is joy and wonder. It is innocence and love. It is coming into the mystery of your universe in such a way that you then help to direct the universe. My children, because of your limited understanding, which is necessary while you remain on earth, I cannot tell you everything. But I wanted to share this glimpse of heaven with you and I will continue to part the curtains, as it were, so that you understand where you are going. It is good to know your destination so that you know how to prepare. I, your Jesus, am helping you prepare. If you listen to Me and prepare well, you will be ready for heaven when it is time to come here. In this way, the day of your earthly death will be the best day of your life. Believe Me, My children, when I tell you that all of Us here in heaven await your coming. We are linked to you. My children on earth like to think that holiness is someone else’s call. If you are listening to Me now, you understand that holiness is your call. If your destination is heaven, and of course it should be, then you must begin your preparation now. You would hardly travel to a foreign country without learning at least something about what you will want and need there. So take heed when I tell you that you will want to practice the virtues while you remain on earth. Try to view it as learning to speak the heavenly language before your arrival here.


                   I want to tell you, My children, that the saints, everyone here, clamors to assist you now. You are living in dark times and many of you have fallen into a spiritual sleep. I am preparing to make a loud noise, in a manner of speaking, to awaken your world. Better for you, My child, that you open your eyes gently now and begin to serve from love and obedience, as opposed to fear. If you follow Me now, you will nearly eradicate fear from your life. I felt stabs of human fear for fleeting moments, as in the Garden and when I was condemned to death. But My faith and knowledge assured Me that man could hurt My body, but My soul remained intact, belonging to God and this heavenly world. It will be the same for you, children. You will fear nothing. Additionally, if you follow Me, you will receive extraordinary graces to deal with anything that frightens you. I will manage any fears you have, both now and in the future, and this is another solemn promise I make to you. Also, I give you permission to be like small children, often saying to their parents, “You promised!”



                • Jonathan Lopez
                  December 18, 2003 God the Father   It is I, the Father of All, who speaks to this small soul. I wish to give My children both notice and direction. If you are
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                    December 18, 2003

                    God the Father


                    It is I, the Father of All, who speaks to this small soul. I wish to give My children both notice and direction. If you are following Me, continue to follow Me, but in a more dedicated fashion. Ask yourself on this day, “What can I do for My Father in heaven?” I will put the answer in your heart, little souls, and you will have My request. Then you must step out in faith and complete the task I have asked of you. Through this first step, you will discover how I am going to work through you. Ask Me for direction, and in an enhanced way, you will be directed.


                    For those souls who are not following Me, but who understand that they must change, begin by prayer. Pray the Lord’s Prayer, as given to you by My Son. Pray this prayer often because through it you are acknowledging My dominion over this world. You are giving Me the praise that justly belongs to Me. This, little soul, is an act of humility and a good first step. Do this now and your God will stoop down to you and collect you. Do not be afraid. I am not to be feared at this time. Pray this prayer and all will be well.


                    Souls who are working against Me, I speak to you now with the greatest of gravity. You know who you are and you understand that you have pitted yourself against all that is Light. You must cease now. The time is quickly approaching when you will be compelled to abandon all hope. Read the words of My Son in this series of revelations. He wants to rescue you. I have willed it. I have willed that you, in all your sinfulness, should repent and join Me in heaven forever. You see, dear little sinner, I love you. Sinners with far blacker souls than yourself have repented, been washed clean, and reside here in heaven with the greatest of saints. That is what I want for you. You will not be reproached. You will be loved. It will be difficult for you to accept this love but it will cleanse you. You are Mine, like it or not. Come back to Me. Do not reject Me this time as I seek your salvation. Your pain is My personal business and I will eradicate it. That is My promise to you.


                     Souls who have waited for this time, your wait is nearly over. You have struggled valiantly. Continue to do so for the moment, knowing that your God is grateful. How happy you will be that you served heaven while you remained on earth. I cannot reveal all of heaven’s secrets because your humanity would not withstand such knowledge and truly, you would insist on coming home immediately. But I will reveal some of the joys that await you. It is My will to do this because in this time, souls on earth doubt the very existence of heaven. This spiritual starvation has left many without hope, so in response, I have willed that Jesus, Mary, His mother, and many saints give you both guidance and heavenly information. I Myself am speaking to you now to give you the path or map to these times. I will not leave souls abandoned in such darkness. I have always provided My children in earthly exile with prophets and I do so now in many areas of the world. You must see with your eyes, dear souls. Do not turn away from My heavenly direction as through it I give the extra help that many need. If you are called upon to assist with the spreading of these words, do so in all joy. Your reward will not disappoint you.



                    From Volume 3 (Directions for Our Times)


                  • Jonathan Lopez
                    Tuesday June 24, 2003 Jesus   I want My chosen souls to reflect on the value of obedience. Only through obedience can I bring about the movement toward
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                      Tuesday June 24, 2003



                      I want My chosen souls to reflect on the value of obedience. Only through obedience can I bring about the movement toward perfection within you. Your current world scoffs at obedience. Even children do not obey their parents and are not punished for their transgressions. I want My souls to be obedient and they will see their faith bloom like a flower. Truly, I will reward them in an unparalleled manner during these times.


                      I want to point out that souls, while being disobedient in matters of faith, are obedient to the impulses and cravings of their bodies. Your bodies are making slaves of you, dear chosen souls. It must not continue. You must bring your bodies under submission so that your soul will be freed to contemplate matters of faith. Do you want to be with Me? I am here for you. But you must clear the path for Me. You must listen for Me. To do that, dear chosen souls, you must free yourselves from these attachments that hold you under submission. I am with you and will fight these battles for you, if only you will let Me. This is what it means to be My follower. You need worry over nothing. I will fight your battles for you and bring others to heaven through you. I can place the most beautiful, heavenly thoughts in your souls if only you will let Me. How I stand by, little soul, ready to bring you closer. Say “yes” to Me and we will begin our journey in earnest.


                      Tuesday June 24, 2003

                      Blessed Mother


                      Jesus is waiting for you, my little one. I will help you and show you the way. Pray more, even when you do not feel like praying. Pray always, even if it is just a simple sentence, a simple thought. We are slaves to your prayers, my dear little struggling souls. We hear a plea from you and we hasten to provide every assistance. Look closely for the answers to your prayers and you will find them. Never be fooled into thinking your prayers fall on deaf ears. We work quietly and sometimes our time is not like earthly time. But we hear your pleas and share in your concerns. Be certain that we have the answers. They are here for you and we will not leave you without guidance. Spend little time discussing problems with others. Often it is best if you listen to others. When you have a problem, come to me, your heavenly mother, and I will listen to you and help you find the best solution. You are not alone, my little ones. We long to help you and listen carefully to your petitions. The nicest prayers are the prayers of humble acceptance. You are right when you think that sometimes God must make decisions for your well-being and those things we cannot change. Acceptance moves you closer to God in a swift and beautiful manner. Strive for that always, but do not be afraid to ask for anything you want or need. Above all, we will give you peace in this journey. Our heavenly companionship provides you with a quiet certainty that you walk in the light and toward the light. Do you feel it, my little one? Truly, I am with you today, asking for your obedience to my Son. You will not be disappointed, little soul of my heart.

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