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  • waldo kitty
    Nov 18, 2013
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      On 11/18/2013 7:01 AM, paul valleli wrote:
      > For glass mirrors, Gold can be applied by the evaporative process, very similar
      > to aluminizing and a Mag or Thorium Fluoride overcoat can be applied for scratch
      > resistance. It is very soft like bare aluminum and sleeks quite easily. Only
      > non-contact cleaning can be used.
      > Sometimes an underlayer of Chromium is applied first to improve adherence,
      > otherwise the bare Gold may fail the scotch tape adherence test.
      > Reflectance is nil in the Violet but runs up to 0.98 at the red laser wavelength
      > of 633nm. It gets to 0.99 in the thermal IR.
      > I don't believe there is a chemical deposition process for glass as there is for
      > silver.


      it seems that they apply silver under the gold in one of their processes... the
      main thing to remember is that these guys methods are for second surface mirrors
      so their description of adding a layer of silver over the gold has to be
      remembered as being done on the back of a flat glass mirror you would hang in
      your hallway... since we are doing first surface mirrors, we would put the
      silver down first and then the gold...


      the above link is for their gold chemicals kit...

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