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24253Re: [atm_free] Coaters

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  • Mike Coslo
    Nov 17, 2013
      It does reduce the metal a light amount, as the tarnish is part of the metal that has changed it’s composition. Wouldn’t take many cleanings to remove the silver form a mirror.

      We used to use Tarn-X for restoring Daguerrotypes and tintypes until it was found out that after a few cleanings, the silver was going away.

      Third thing, be careful with Thiourea, the active ingredient in Tarn-X. It is a carcinogen. So not a substitute for ketchup on hot dogs.

      - Mike -

      On Nov 17, 2013, at 1:52 PM, Joe <nss@...> wrote:

      > Tarn-X is not a Polish. It is a truly chemical remover of the tarnish. It disolves the tarnish and rinces it away but does not attach the pure un tarnished silver.
      > It is chemical, not mechanical removal of the tarnish. no polishing./
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