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  • Aldo Moraga
    Nov 17, 2013
      The silver layer  deposited on the mirror surface is very thin, a few microns, so it is not possible to re-polishing without removing that layer. Silver when "oxidized" turns yellow and gradually loses reflectivity. The only option is to  remove all coating and performing a new silver deposition.

      Aldo Moraga Byers

      El 17/11/2013 13:56, Joe escribió:
      To anyone that has done this silver process, and left it un protected. IE: Bare silver. There has been posted many timelines as to how long it lasts.

      OK, cool.  Now just as an experiment, before re coating, have you tried to remove the oxidized layer? using something like "Tarn-X"? they claim that it ONLY removes the oxidized silver, and will not touch the non oxidized silver.

      I wonder if this could extend the life of the coating some?

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