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  • Mel_Bartels
    Nov 17, 2013
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      For the record I once got back a mirror with a bad coating and a note
      stating that the mirror was not fully polished. I knew the mirror was
      well polished so I sent the mirror to another coater who returned me a
      mirror looking beautiful from center to edge. Coating is an art, I
      conclude, so I treat coater's comments as just that.

      Mel Bartels

      On 2013-11-17 11:03, Joe wrote:
      > Are you sure the edge was polished all the way?  That white haze
      > looks exactly like my first mirror I ever made and sent to clausing
      > for coating. It came back coated with a note saying not fully polished
      > to the edge and it looked exactly like that.
      > Joe
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      > On 11/17/2013 11:28 AM, Aldo Moraga wrote:
      >> The mirror below has silver coating, as you can see the quality of
      >> the reflective layer is quite good but has its problems especially at
      >> the edges who are slightly whitish.
      >> This is due to several reasons. I needed something more than 7 grams
      >> of silver nitrate but only had 4 grams, instead of distilled water I
      >> used water for lead acid battery and worse, the ambient temperature
      >> was not adequate.
      >> The process  I did on a Saturday afternoon I had no where to buy the
      >> products,   I needed to see how the mirror worked and did not want to
      >> wait till Monday.
      >> If anyone wants a good quality reflective layer, then the chemicals
      >> and water both must be of high quality and in the minimum amounts
      >> needed, but despite this the finish of the mirror silver layer was
      >> better than I expected.
      >> Saludos
      >> Aldo Moraga Byers
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