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  • Aldo Moraga
    Nov 17, 2013
    The mirror below has silver coating, as you can see the quality of the reflective layer is quite good but has its problems especially at the edges who are slightly whitish.

    Primario Plateado

    This is due to several reasons. I needed something more than 7 grams of silver nitrate but only had 4 grams, instead of distilled water I used water for lead acid battery and worse, the ambient temperature was not adequate.

    The process  I did on a Saturday afternoon I had no where to buy the products,   I needed to see how the mirror worked and did not want to wait till Monday.

    If anyone wants a good quality reflective layer, then the chemicals and water both must be of high quality and in the minimum amounts needed, but despite this the finish of the mirror silver layer was better than I expected.

    Aldo Moraga Byers

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