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RE: [atlas_craftsman] Re: drillbits , dirt cheap + tips - we have control

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  • Carvel Webb
    JT, Your comment underscores the fact that we live in a ‘global village’ and the nature of big business is such that they generally ( not always) chase the
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      Your comment underscores the fact that we live in a ‘global village’ and the nature of big business is such that they generally ( not always) chase the lowest input costs wherever in the world they happen to be . However as those economies develop , those costs rise , and business moves on .


      However what I would suggest is that quality ultimately lies in the hands of the consumer ( us ) .


      We have had numerous examples here ( South Africa) where quality products have been substituted  by ‘cheaper’ and often inferior items ( initially) .


      I agree that returning them often costs more than the item is worth , but in many cases one CAN return them , and KEEP ON returning them until the supplier , and the supplier’s supplier , gets the message , and ups the product .


      I have written here before that I have had occasion to return a far eastern chuck – 3 times- but the one I finally got is perfect , and supplier is now doing his own quality control as he gets the stuff .


      Let us not underestimate the power of the consumer ( us) to ensure we get decent stuff,


      End of rant ,




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      Carvel....  Unlike Doc you appear reasonable.


      Please note that I made NO comment on the origins of the cheap sets, Any speculation on origins is someone else's iput, not mine.   I said only that the cheap ones with the 'gold pixie dust" have been utter trash whenever I have seen them.  I don't know nor do I care where they are made. 


      If you want REAL trash, buy American.  


      When the US companies try to compete with overseas cheap labor, they make the worst stuff ever.  I'd buy decent chinese in a second and thumb my nose at the American companies that are like that. 


      Of course there is decent American product, and decent chinese product.   But almost every company tthat gets goods made overseas does it for one reason only... to be able to sell a cheaper product.


      Now that costs are radically going up in china, so is quality.  Chinese can make goods as well as anyone, once they have training equal to others. Straight off the farm, no worker is very good at their job.  How ABOUT that....?   D'yuh suppose that there is a relationship between costs and quality in china ?  


      Hint:   The answer would be YES.



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      I would agree with Doc that one should be careful of generalisations . I have tools and instruments which have come from all over during the years and it has been interesting to see how quality , and more importantly quality control has evolved . FWIW the worst wrench set I have was made in the USA ( about 30 years ago) , my best and worst chucks both come from the UK , I have a Taiwanese chuck that is on par with my best UK chuck , my best and worst callipers both come from Japan , and my best and worst ring spanners both come from Germany . Not always possible , but try it or ask someone who has first . This and other similar forums help with that and is appreciated ,

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