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Re: [atlas_craftsman] Re: Help with a taper attachment

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  • David Hair
    Bruce, That is a wonderful idea. The best I ve heard yet. Thanks D.Hair ... From: rogers92026 To: atlas_craftsman@yahoogroups.com Sent: Monday, July 29, 2013
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      That is a wonderful idea. The best I've heard yet.
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      Subject: [atlas_craftsman] Re: Help with a taper attachment

      I have made some very nice MT-0 accessories on my 12x36 Atlas.  The MT-0 is short enough that you can just use your compound.  You don't need a taper attachment or anything else fancy.  Just your lathe.

      The MT-0 is only about 2" long.  So if you set it up correctly, you can advance the entire length of it using the compound.

      When I last turn an MT-0, I temporarily chucked up an existing MT-0 in my chuck and supported the right side (end)with a center.  Then I adjusted the angle of my compound to exactly match the existing MT-0.  It took a few minutes to eventually get it perfectly lined up using a bright light from underneath.  I eventually got to the point that I could maintain a roughly 1 or 2 thou space between my tool and the existing MT-0 as I went from one end to the other end.  Make sure that you lock down your saddle.

      Alternatively, I could have mounted a dial indicator in my tool post. (You can just about forget about using the scale on the compound though - - you are trying to set the compound to about 1.4908 degrees.  The smallest divisions that I can just barely see are in 1 degree steps - - much too coarse to be of much help.)  Then I removed the existing "pattern" and put in my part.   Also, while you could probably cut the taper w/o a live center in your tailstock, it helps to keep everything lined up and supported.  Much less chance that the part will shift in your chuck.  When I was done machining, I "colored" the machine surface with a wide "Sharpie" pen and checked the part in a Female MT.  I was pleasantly surprised that it made very good and uniform contact.  Almost like I knew what I was doing (ha ha).

      If you need to make a larger taper, then you either do it in segments or you offset your tailstock center and use a drive dog.  This is covered in the Atlas handbook I believe.  Alternatively, I suppose that a person could make a larger taper but just limit the length to the compound feed (which is roughly 2.5 inches?)


    • Dr.jinG
      Tubalcain has a couple of videos discussing cutting tapers, and his third method mentioned is a taper attachment. Though he created his own, I m sure that the
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        Tubalcain has a couple of videos discussing cutting tapers, and his third method mentioned is a taper attachment. Though he created his own, I'm sure that the principles are the same. Check it out the first video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTSmyurlDus


        --- In atlas_craftsman@yahoogroups.com, "dhlh1984" <thehairs@...> wrote:
        > OK, I've looked at taper attachments and even plans on how to make my own. What I am looking for is some directions on how to use one. I "ASSUME' its use is all manual. No power feed, but how do you keep from cutting a series of notches down the taper. Is it something you just have to play with to get the feel. Does anyone have a copy of instructions on the setup and use of a taper attachment. I'm wanting to make MT-0 accessories for my Craftsman 109 on my 12" craftsman
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