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  • Chris and Judy Zahnle
    The right hand LS bearing goes with this gear box because the box has a clutch and the bearing is not a break away. Like on my late Craftsman Commercial 12”
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 17, 2013
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      EDIT - my PM to Art probably should have been written more like the following -

      101.20140 is the Craftsman part number for the first 12" retrofit QCGB that came out circa 1951.  It would retrofit to a 101.07403 and most earlier 12".  The Craftsman model numbers that came with that GB already installed are 101.27430 and 101.27440 (one of which he has).  The GB that he has available for sale is apparently a 101.201451 or Atlas 6802.  It will fit all of the Atlas badged 12" and their Craftsman equivalents (all of which have 1/2" ways).  Fitting it to one of the 1/2" bed machines built between 1958 and 1966 will require shortening the lead screw on the GB end.  Which could easily enough be done on the machine you are installing the GB on as the lead screw will feed through the spindle.  You will need to rig up a temporary outboard steady rest so that you don't bend the lead screw.  I cannot determine from just the parts lists (not having an example of both vintage machines to look at) whether you must or may change out the right lead screw support bearing.  Personally, I'd change it and sell the old one to someone else who needs the earlier one.  The one on the early 1/2" bed machines will fit all earlier 3/4" lead screw equipped machines back to at least 1939.  So for that matter will the lead screw.

      Robert D.

      In a message dated 07/17/2013 20:22:51 PM Central Daylight Time, arrariba@... writes:
      It's necessary to clarify which 12" lathe the QCGB I'm selling fits.  Robert Downs was kind enough to let me know there are differences between QCGBs on the later lathes with 1/2" thick bed way and the earlier 3/8" beds.  I then took a closer look at what I'm selling and what's on my 101.20140 lathe.  There definitely is a difference in the housing of the two along the top edges where they attach to the lathe. 

      What I'm selling fits those 12" lathes with the 1/2" thick bed.


      --- In atlas_craftsman@yahoogroups.com, "arrariba" <arrariba@...> wrote:
      >It's time to clear out some excess items for the Atlas-Craftsman lathes that have been collecting dust for too long. 
      >I have a Quick Change Gear Box for the 12" lathe, a genuine Aloris AXA tool post with three tool holders, as well as a number of change gears for these lathes.
      >The gear box is complete with the clutch assembly for the 12" lathe.  All the gears look to be in good order, with no broken or chipped teeth.  I've not had the gear box attached to my lathe, so I've not seen it under power, but everything seems to turn smoothly, etc.  I'll include the lead-screw bearing that mounts at the tailstock end of the lead screw.  What I don't have are the two 5/16x18xs2 1/4" socket head cap screws used to bolt the box to the lathe, but they're common hardware.  Also the five oiler cups are missing, as are the six #6 x 32 screws that holds the selector chart to the box. 
      >The Aloris AXA tool post is in good working order and comes with three genuine Aloris tool holders: #1 Turning and Facing; #2 Boring, Turning and Facing; and, #7 Parting Blade holder for 1/2 "T" blades.   This is a wedge type holder.  I don't have the flange nut that clamps the tool post  to the compound.   You can get a replacement from Aloris or simply machine one yourself.  I believe the threads are 9/16" x 18 TPI.
      >I have 12 change gears in all that will fit the 9, 10, or 12" lathes.  What I have are the 24, 32 (2), 36, 46, 48, 54, 56, 64 (2), and 96 (2) tooth gears.  There are no missing or chipped teeth; they are in good shape.  The previous owner has these mounted in a display complete with a crank to demonstrate gear movement for students.  He spray painted most of the gears, but this won't affect how the operate in a lathe.
      >I've taken some photos of these items and posted them on flickr.  You can see them here – http://www.flickr.com/photos/w_wheatfield/9310915980/in/photostream/ 
      >I haven't come up with any prices for these items yet; I'm working on that, so if anyone is interested and wants to make an offer, you can contact me directly at "arrariba at yahoo dot com."  I expect I can use USPS flat rate boxes to ship these items.
      >If there is no interest, I'll be posting them on the auction site, but I'll have to figure out how to do that, so I'm hopeful that I can pass these on to some group members and save the headaches.
      >Thanks for looking.

      Robert & Susan Downs - Houston
      wa5cab dot com (Web Store)
      MVPA 9480
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