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Re: [atlas_craftsman] tail stock

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    if your wrenc is insufficient, a copper/aluminum rod applied to th e outside edge of the slot aided by a fair sized hammer will move the slotted nut
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      if your  wrenc is  insufficient, a copper/aluminum  rod applied to th e outside edge of the  slot  aided  by a fair sized  hammer  will move  the slotted  nut ,,,,,so will a  steel  punch , but it  will mar
          if  you can make your  wrench  to chuck in an  olde  tyme  brace , you can  apply lots of  pressure  & torque  to keep th e wrench  engaged...( like  welding  two screwdriver bits  on opposide sides of a  rod .)
       best  wishes
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      thanks Robert

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      Well, no one else answered so...

      It is threaded (RH threads).  I've never had to take one off but I would suggest making an impromptu screw driver out of something like 1/8" x 1" flat bar and grinding the edge just thin enough and just deep enough to fit into the slot.  Then using an adjustable (Crescent) wrench to turn it.  Before I tried to turn it, I would soak the interface between the bearing and the tailstock in penetrating oil for a day.

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      Thanks for your help eith the back gears. Nect question. Im dissassembling my tail stock and im at the removal of whats referred to as the rear bearing. It has a slot like its threaded on. Is it or is it pressed on? Any suggestions on how to remove.

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