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Re: [atlas_craftsman] Re: Early Atlas 64 tooth gear setup

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  • wa5cab
    I am going to go out on a pretty sturdy limb based on part manual and catalog research and say that the machine is definitely a 10D or equivalent (10E with all
    Message 1 of 4 , May 9, 2013
      I am going to go out on a pretty sturdy limb based on part manual and catalog research and say that the machine is definitely a 10D or equivalent (10E with all the upgrades) Serial Number 3970 or higher.  It has the later cross slide (AKA lower compound swivel) and upper compound swivel.  And a vertical countershaft.  The Model Number is 1048D (or 1048E).  If it were a 10F it would be a V-48.

      Look again at the number in the casting.  It should be 948 or may be 948-B.  There isn't enough data accumulated to determine whether the "B" was a casting or a machining change.  But I'd lean toward machining.

      Download the 918 manual (or 10A-E threading chart) and the 10F manual from either Yahoo or H-M.  The 918 manual has a threading chart that also covers the 10" that have 5/8" dia. lead screws.  They are both shown on H-M but only the 918 manual on Yahoo because of critical file storage space.  Also download the manual titled 10D Parts (it's actually 10E but more on that later).  The 10D parts manual is actually the 10E manual which has no lead screw.  But the options are shown on the second page, including the carriage drive system.  Note that it shows a 96T gear as the Screw Gear.  And another one on the banjo.  That is the default shipping configuration and is the feed setting for normal turning (not threading).  On the 10F, the two gears are both 64T.  You need to go by the 10D specs, not the 10F.

      However, the 10F parts manual has an illustrated parts list (exploded view) which the 10D one does not.  Look at the 10F for the spacer and washers required on the 3/4" dia. screw drive.  The gear that goes there is referred to as the "Screw Gear" on the threading charts.

      To understand the threading charts and what goes where, look at the Compound Gear column which will give the two gear's tooth count and the reference diagram number Then look at the reference diagram.  The larger gear will be ID'd.  The smaller gear will be drawn solid if nearest to you and dashed if on the back side of the larger gear.  Plus it will say Compound Gear. 

      So to recap - if you are trying to set up the machine for .0043"l turning, you need two 96T, one 64T, one 32T and one 20T.
      And mount them as shown in Fig. 6.

      Robert D.

      In a message dated 05/08/2013 07:46:45 AM Central Daylight Time, frahmz@... writes:
      It has 946 on the bed and looks quite similar to the 10D has a 5/8 leadscrew and I've heard That all I need to power the auto feed is to install the 2  64tooth gears, I'm not doing any threading at least not at this time just trying to get it operable. I did find a gear with a bushing in it the fits into the 64 tooth gear but I don't have the bolt and or spacers to install in on the banjo mount, I didn't know then with this gear installed into the 64 tooth whether the 64 or the 20 tooth gear engages into the spindle gear.Moving lower then the leadscrew driveshaft is 3/4" with a keyway cut into it the 64 tooth gear fits over it and has a keyway that is cut into it as well. I'm missing the spacers and key that locate it on that shaft into the proper position. The drawings I have just don't show anything detailing this area. Thanks for any insight.  Eric

      --- In atlas_craftsman@yahoogroups.com, wa5cab@... wrote:
      >As best I've been able to figure, you seem to have bought two lathes
      >recently (unless I've confused you with another new member).  Is the machine you
      >are working on 10" or 12"?  Is the lead screw diameter 5/8" or 3/4"?  What
      >Change Gear chart are you trying to work from?
      >Robert D.
      >In a message dated 05/07/2013 23:49:12 PM Central Daylight Time,
      >frahmz@... writes:
      >>I was hoping someone could post a picture or give me a couple of answers
      >>on how the lead screw gears are setup when using (2) 64 tooth gears. I know
      >>I'm missing a couple of parts. I installed a 20 tooth gear into one of the
      >>64 tooth gears, 1st question does the smaller gear face the headstock or
      >>face away from it? on the gear that drives the lead screw I'm missing the
      >>key but more importantly other than the gear I don't have anything to put on
      >>the 3/4" shaft, Are there spacers on one or both sides of the gear? I'm
      >>missing the nut which I'm sure is the least of my issues. Thanks, Eric

      Robert & Susan Downs - Houston
      wa5cab dot com (Web Store)
      MVPA 9480
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