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RE: [atlas_craftsman] 3996 crossfeed extra parts project!

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  • Carvel Webb
    Tom, From what I can see you are already past the will be phase , so your statement should read BTW this IS addictive In other words have fun : ) Regards,
    Message 1 of 69 , Apr 30, 2013
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      From what I can see you are already past the "will be" phase , so your
      statement should read "BTW this IS addictive"

      In other words have fun :>)



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      Subject: [atlas_craftsman] 3996 crossfeed extra parts project!

      I just thought about something, I will have a few exgtra parts leftover
      after buying the complete compound used,

      I will have an extra screw, slide and base , so I could make a milling
      attachment im sure

      it may not be like a real atlas one, but I bet I could make it work and it
      would be a great project to learn how to use my mill with too

      I did see a tublicain<sp?> video where he made a slide stop, he used a
      60 degree dovetail so "I assume the slide is 60 degrees,

      the only dovetail cutter I have is a 45 degree, so I'll have to buy a cutter
      I think in his video he used a 3/4" one and had some issue with the cut not
      being "deep" enough 9 not sure I said that right) anyhow I think I will look
      for a 1" 60 degree cutter when I return

      BTW this will be addictive


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    • wa5cab
      Pretty much any dog will work if it s the right size. :-) Armstrong made the same lathe dogs from at least the 30 s until at least the 80 s. If you ll send
      Message 69 of 69 , May 12, 2013
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        Pretty much any dog will work if it's the right size.  :-)

        Armstrong made the same lathe dogs from at least the 30's until at least the 80's.  If you'll send me the Item Number, I'll take a look at them.

        Robert Downs - Houston
        wa5cab dot com (Web Store)
        MVPA 9480

        In a message dated 05/12/2013 18:38:47 PM Central Daylight Time, tmgsr@... writes:
        >On Thu, 9 May 2013 11:28:17 -0400 (EDT), wa5cab@...:
        >>The original No. 142A set of four sold by Atlas had openings to handle
        >>1/2", 3/4", 1" and 1-1/2".  I would think maybe anything larger might be getting
        >>too heavy.  I bought the set and the face plate to drive it when I bought
        >>my 3996 in 1981.  And have to admit that I've only ever used any of them a
        >>few times.  The two operations where you would definitely need them would be
        >>turning a taper by the tailstock set-over method and checking or setting
        >>tail-stock set over to zero.  The latter being the only usage I can actually
        >ok thank you!

        how do I tell if I'm buoying the correct dogs, there is s et now I was
        looking at, but they said something about them being made in 52, I do
        not see sizes or  part number on them, or will any dogs work?


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