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Re: [atlas_craftsman] Re: Rocker style tool post for 12 inch Atlas?

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  • Doc
    i will offer up 3 of my solutions i have no use for the rocker ....... w/out the rocker , & the tool holder on a flat surface ,the ridgidity is near
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 4 7:45 PM
      i will offer up 3 of  my solutions
       i have no  use  for  the  rocker  ....... w/out  the  rocker , &  the tool holder on a flat surface ,the ridgidity is  near that  of a quick change ( for a  light  lathe )
       ihave done this  3 ways
       ...the latest , a barnes 9 in lathe  , i nstead of  the rocker /crved  washe  , i used two piecess  the  top piece screwing  into  the  lower  one ..these are   THICK washer shaped &  they  adjust  the tool ht by screwing  the  top one  ore or less into  the lower one ...both are  knurled for  handling
         on  my 12x36  cfrtsmn  commerciela  i use 1-1/2 & 2 in square turrets , circa 2 in high, w/ angled slots on the 4 sides ...this gives  some adjustment  as  the bit  wears   w/ out  needing  shims......of  course  you can use a horizontal  slot & then  shim to  ht....i also sawed some squares into  triangles  w/ individual slots  on one or two sides for bits , so that i can  get into  tighter areas, &  these are necessary ,,,,,,.other blocks  hold knurler , & cut off blades ..for  heavy  parting  off i use an  armstrong FLEXBLE  goose neck  holder which near eliminates chatter & jam ups  , by  flexing  away from  teh  cut ......i prefer these  solid side slot  holders  to the q /change i succunbed to in a  moment  of weakness ( & sale price) 
          on my monarch A 14 in.., i used  several one in thick washers ....i  opened these up to slide over  the  post & thinned two of them to different  thicknesses.......these two PLUS the  armstrong  type bit  holders  which angle the bits  upward on a  slant , provide  suffiocient  abjustment  to   center  the tool bit  & keep it  there by sliding out after  regrinding ....by  eliminating  the rocker, & having the  tool holder on a  SOLID FLAT WIDE THICKwasher , i have  actually  taken a  two inch bar  down to one in bar  in a  single  pass , just  to see what  cud be  done...
         .i added a  riser to the  AXA quick change  to  use it on the  monarch , but truthfully , rarely  use it ....the thick  washers  work well w/ the  tool holders angled  bit  hole ...& once these are  set , the  bit is  alwways  centered...
           i get  the  feeling  &  maybe  wrongly so ,from  your  statement  that  you ordered tool steel rather than square lathe  bits, that  you are  using  solid  tools  rather  than  tool holders  &  bits ...i f  so , the  adjustment  provided  by  the  angled bit  hole on the  holders  is  lost
       best  wishes ,
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      Subject: [atlas_craftsman] Re: Rocker style tool post for 12 inch Atlas?

      It's the post itself that is small. The South Bend tool post I have will hold a 1/2 inch tool, but there is no way it's gonna fit in this lathe.Even The tool post I have for the 6 inch is a bit too big. It holds up to 1/2 tool holders, and is about 3/4 inch in diameter. The slot opening in the 12 inch lathe is only 5/8" I can slide both of the tool posts I use for the 6 inch lathe into the slot, but only just barely, and it has to go in flat with the cut out slot. You can't rotate the tool holder once it's slid in. This means that I could use the those tool holders, but I would have to adjust tool angle with the compound rather than just nudging the tool post around a bit.

      I suppose I could widen the opening a bit, but the t slot already seems a bit weak, and too small to me. removing metal there isn't going to make it stronger.

      I'll probably just sell the SB tool post and make a new base for the one I use on the 6 inch lathe.

      It just seems like the t slot should be bigger on the 12 inch lathe.

      Also, do you know if you can buy just the curved washer and rocker? both pieces on mine are cracked. I've been using them like that for years, and probably should have made new ones by now. I'd replace them if I could just get new ones.

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      > if the south bend is an xtra , just fit the base to your lathe (.OR if needed , make an xtra base)..if no mill nor shaper ,, you can face it thinner & also narrower in your 4 jaw chuck ,(do bothe edges)OR you can hack saw/ band saw & file.
      > the 6 in may be thicker cause it is narrower ??/ if you have a quick change , just grind your thrd bit to fit one of the turning tool holders ?????.....for me , there are times that i want the lantern tool post , but others have said ,they find no need ??????
      > best wishes
      > doc
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      > Subject: [atlas_craftsman] Rocker style tool post for 12 inch Atlas?
      > I've been using a quick change tool post set, but need to thread something. I have a real nice threading tool (and no extra HS bits to shape into a threading tool) so I started measuring for a rocker style tool post.
      > Is it just me, or is the t slot in this lathe really small? I have a southbend tool post that won't fit, and the tool post on my 6 inch Atlas has a larger t slot base than the 12.
      > What can I look for that will fit this lathe? Does it have to be an Atlas part, or are there options.
      > I ordered some tool stock to cut into threading tools, but now I'm just curious about it.

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