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Re: [atlas_craftsman] Carriage Lock Theory

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    the cariage lock on my crrftsmn commercial is circa square w. the tapped hole offset ....it cannot spin cause one side is flush up to the bed
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 14, 2013
      the  cariage   lock  on  my crrftsmn commercial  is  circa  square w. the  tapped  hole  offset ....it cannot spin cause  one side is flush up to the  bed ...hole is  offset  towards  operator  &  the  clamping surface  has two raised edges  maybe  abt 3/32wide at  the  front  & back .....the  raised  edges  gives the  option  of adjusting  on or  the other for a solid grip at two points rather than rocking over   the  whole  flat or gripping only  on a near  sdge  ....
        best  wishes
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      The carriage lock on my Atlas 10" looks like it was a feeble attempt at a replacement. When I try and tighten it it just spins around. I'm assuming it is supposed to ride up next to the bearing plate to prevent that. I found a drawing in the files section of the locking piece so I will fabricate a new one. On my lathe the underside of the saddle is even with the bottom of the ways so I'm wondering what the point of the slope on the locking piece is? Seems like a flat rectangular piece would do the job nicely or am I missing somethiing?

      Thanks - Todd

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