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New 6" Atlas Parts - links corrected

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    Humble apologies to those who couldn t get these picture links before. The correct ones are posted below- Regards, George O Connor george@4mtool.com Here is a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2003
      Humble apologies to those who couldn't get these
      picture links before. The correct ones are posted
      George O'Connor

      Here is a list of 6" Atlas items available directly
      from us.
      We are a machine shop and manufacturing facility, and
      manufacture items such as these, as well as other items
      we make (sheet metalbbrakes and accessories for cutoff
      Currently the price for the blocks (and picture links)

      6" Atlas:
      Turning block with (2 or 4) 3/8" slots =$36.00 (#4M6T38)
      Turning block w/ 10mm slots (2 or 4) =$36.00 (#4M6T39)
      We have carbide tipped bits available, cutting towards
      headstock ("AR" type) or threading ("E" type) available
      for $3.00 each, 3/8"
      square shank.
      We can and have supplied these blocks for 1/2" tooling,
      but our experience
      is that
      3/8" works better.

      Boring Block for 1/2", 3/8" & 5/16" bars =$35.00

      Indexing 4 Way toolpost. 16 position indexing turret
      tool post for this
      small sized lathe.=$105 (#4M6I38)

      Radiusing fixture uses 1/4" bits. =$130 (#4M6R25)
      The one in the picture is on one of our Atlases,
      Showing ball and cavity work, as well as side turning
      of a radius.
      It replaces your compound with a ground 4340 tool steel
      base, and is capable
      of turning male radii to 1", and even larger female
      The tool bits it uses are standard 1/4" bits turning.

      1"-10 threaded Backplate blank- =$36 (#4M6BP210)
      This is face ground tool steel, which is 3" diameter,
      and threaded for the spindle nose. There is a chamfer
      on the headstock side for the
      pin. Just what you need for that plain backed chuck or
      special driving
      need. It can be drilled tapped or milled to suit your
      needs. We do upon
      offer 1"-8 (#4M6BP218) ones as well ($36)-
      Also 4" Diameter plates are available (#4M6BP310) at

      Shipping of the blocks via priority mail are $5.00
      each, the Radiusing
      fixture or the
      backplate are $7.25 each. We will give you costs on UPS
      or other shipping
      as well as combined shipping costs.
      We soon will offer other items, including gears in
      brass and plastic(24dp)to
      mesh with your existing Zamak ones, tee slotted cross
      slide tables (another
      item no-one makes yet- this one was from a customer's
      suggestion), and other
      items in the design stages only (email your
      We also make similar blocks for SouthBend model "A"'s,
      Logan 11" ones,
      Craftsman 12", as well as some other models.

      Our website (www.4mtool.com) is only "Under
      construction" right now, but feel free to email us for
      any info more info.
      We also offer these items for auction on eBay.com (our
      user name is "forem")
      ,which often seem to show the pictures faster then the
      links below.

      Our # in the daytime (EST) is 1-800-603-0323- but as
      we do commercial work
      here as well, I am not always available to talk,
      although I will return
      calls and emails.

      Our Address is:
      4M Tool
      1044 Riverside Drive
      Vassalboro Me 04989-4119

      Money orders, personal or business check are fine for
      purchases. I can also
      take credit cards via paypal.com (see data below)

      George O'Connor

      Info for credit cards on paypal:
      Please use george@... or forem@...
      for email and leave
      optional boxes blank.
      Link: www.paypal.com or
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