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  • michaelhenry@msn.com
    Mar 3, 2001
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      --- In atlas_craftsman@y..., Dave Kamp <DaveKamp@N...> wrote:
      > Hello Group!
      > Didn't see my first post go through, so I'm trying it a second
      > I'm Dave, live in eastern Iowa... and am in process of assembling a
      > metalworking shop for hobby-type things. I've acquired an old
      lathe, which
      > has been quite fun tracing lineage.
      > The gearbox cover and switch say MetalCraft, but after hunting, I
      found a
      > nice photo of it at www.lathes.co.uk... it's an Atlas 9"... all
      > belt-reduction... and Clausing, BlueMountain, etc., say I'm out-of-
      > I agree, but a 92 year-old machinist says that the first Atlas was
      > sold through Montgomery Wards under the MetalCraft name.
      > Can anybody else verify this?
      > All the major parts are identical to an Atlas a few miles down the
      > Leadscrew gearbox (F/N/R) is broken, and I'm missing the top bevel
      gear and
      > clutch dog. I've got the threading gears, but missing
      > gearset plate and gear-mounting bolts... but other'n that, all is
      > Took lots of cleaning.
      > Anybody have a gearbox, or should I get a block of aluminum and
      borrow a mill?

      I've got an old manual for a 9" Metalcraft lathe that was sold by
      Sears. The date on the cover page is December 1, 1933. There's not
      much to the manual, only 20 pages, but I could send you a copy if you
      are interested. If so, email your mailing address to me.

      Mike Henry in Batavia, IL
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