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9163Re: [atlas_craftsman] Introducing Dave...

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  • J Tiers
    Mar 3, 2001
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      You wrote:
      I've acquired an old lathe, which
      >has been quite fun tracing lineage.
      >The gearbox cover and switch say MetalCraft, but after hunting, I found a
      >nice photo of it at www.lathes.co.uk... it's an Atlas 9"... all
      >belt-reduction... and Clausing, BlueMountain, etc., say I'm out-of-my-mind.
      > I agree, but a 92 year-old machinist says that the first Atlas was also
      >sold through Montgomery Wards under the MetalCraft name.
      >Can anybody else verify this?
      >All the major parts are identical to an Atlas a few miles down the road.

      Except that you say it is identical to Atlas I would wonder if it were a
      Logan, which was definitely sold by Monkey Wards as Power Kraft. Sears had
      But while an old PowerKraft is sort-of similar, I would not say it would
      look at all IDENTICAL to an Atlas.
      The key factor is the ways.
      Atlas has two wide flat ways
      Logans have two visible "V" ways, point up, and two flat ways. Carriage runs
      on a V and a flat, so does tailstock.
      So if you are still not positive, go to the UK site and examine Logan as

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