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86984Re: [atlas_craftsman] Why can I never find the files link?

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  • wa5cab
    Apr 9, 2014

      This has work for me at least twice since we were Neoized.  And worked for another member earlier this week.

      Go to the Group's home page and instead of doing as most of us probably do when we quit (just killing the browser), log out.  Then kill the browser.  Re-start the browser, go to Yahoo, log in and navigate to the Group. 

      I haven't had to do it but if that doesn't work, log out again, clear browser cache, kill the browser, and try again from scratch.

      In a message dated 04/09/2014 19:45:46 PM Central Daylight Time, k3030ai@... writes:
      When i access the group site, files isn't even an option.  Am I doing something wrong?


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