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86973Re: [atlas_craftsman] Re: Backgear countershaft lubrication

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  • wa5cab
    Apr 9, 2014
      Well, I apparently only half read part of your previous and you didn't answer my model number question.  The back gear shaft isn't called a countershaft but I read countershaft and with tunnel vision assumed that was what you were asking about. 

      So to start over, assuming you have one of the 1/2" bed machines, the back gear shaft has a shallow slot milled across the visible end.  Probably to clear a cross-drilled hole through the shaft, the oiler hole, which is centered in the slot, is off-center of the shaft by an estimated 3/16".  The OD of the flange on the ball oiler is, as nearly as I can measure it, 3/8".  On my machine, the oiler is at about 7:00 with back gear disengaged and 12:30 when engaged.  So the shaft turns slightly less than 180 deg.

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      In a message dated 04/09/2014 02:39:18 AM Central Daylight Time, love@... writes:
      What diameter is the oiler?  I think I need to install one.  What position is it in when the back gear is engaged? disengaged?  I don't want to let those bushings run dry.

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