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86968Re: [atlas_craftsman] Re: Atlas Mill limitations??

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  • oldstudentmsgt
    Apr 9, 2014
      From my understanding (which may be flawed, as I have a Atlas MF, still in pieces, and no experience using it) the Zamak gears are only  a problem if you get gears that were made with a bit of lead in the alloy to increase fluidity. THEY have problems because the lead doesn't actually alloy, it separates the zinc & aluminum to form electrolytic cells. In the presence of moisture you get corrosion on the intergranular level, and gears that disintegrate. Properly made the alloy is as strong as cast iron, and quite a bit lighter, and easier to machine, while also being nearly as durable. Improperly made, it's every bit the crap most people seem to think it is. Most of my experience with the stuff is not in machine tools, but in die-cast carburetors for old cars. Two carbs stored under identical conditions, one good as new, and one crumbling to the touch after a couple of years.


      Bill in OKC
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