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  • Dave Goodrich
    Mar 23, 2014
      Bing image search provided a picture of the innards of the switch. I had
      it backwards, duh.


      On 3/23/14 2:16 PM, Dave Goodrich wrote:
      > OK, I have all the parts checked on the lathe and they are flat and in
      > good condition. Everything checks out for no cracks, scrapes, dings,
      > etc. I suspected as much as it last ran true. But I wanted to do more
      > than just slap paint on so I am cleaning off 50 years of old accumulated
      > oil which has created a hard lacquer like coating. Mineral spirits and
      > green scotchbrite is removing it just fine.
      > Problem, I was rewiring the switch the previous owner has installed, a
      > furnas KS1, now sold as RS1.
      > http://electricmotorwarehouse.com/drum_switch.htm
      > I love the switch for ease of operation but the overcenter spring and
      > follower dropped out as I was preparing to take a picture on
      > disassembly. Now I cannot figure out how to get it back together. The
      > only parts placement I can see doesn't allow the follower arm to lift
      > out of the way of the cam.
      > Anyone have such a switch to snap a quick photo for me?
      > Thanks,
      > DAve
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