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85436Re: [atlas_craftsman] Uploaded thread chart for 101-07401

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  • Chris and Judy Zahnle
    Dec 22, 2013

      The 96T gear (two of them) came with the 9", the 10D and earlier and the 101.07400, 101.07401 and comparable early babbit bearing machines.

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      So I noticed that the Craftsman 101-07401 that I have isn't one of the more prevalent models (my research determined somewhere around1937-41) so I posted the threading chart which differs from most others in that it uses the 96 tooth gear whereas the later models go up to 64 tooth as the largest.  Hmmm how did Atlas do that? are the lead screws finer on the later models?  As far as I can tell from pictures 07403 looks almost the same.  If anybody has 07401 info, manuals, I'm always interested.

      96 is not a standard gear that comes with the lathes.

      BTW, many of the Atlas books that came out at the time have screwed up metric thread tables. I have an updated one on my web pages (see link in sig.)

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