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85433Re: a new round of lathe mystery parts

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  • anthrhodes
    Dec 20, 2013
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      Bill (& Robert),
      Looks like the entire assembly might be a 4-position lever-operated turret cross slide. Never seen anything like it, not quite certain what it might be used for. Might be some benefit over a bed turret in the tailstock position, or in addition to the usual bed turret. Some of the odd bits of kit may be for limiting feed to control depth of cut of form tools.
      Just a wild guess.
      Berkeley, Calif.
      In a message dated Thu Dec 19, 2013 8:34 pm (PST), wa5cab writes:
      M6-9 is the Atlas part number for the carriage on the Atlas 618 and the
      Craftsman 101.21400. The part sitting on top of it is the lower swivel or
      cross slide, part number M6-301. The rest of the parts I don't recognize. My
      guess is that someone turned a 618 into a lever operated something. What the
      something was intended to do I couldn't say.
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