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85417Re: Uploaded thread chart for 101-07401

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  • anthrhodes
    Dec 19, 2013
      And on at least some of the early 10" lathes there was no reversing gear for the leadscrew and only the 32 tooth spindle gear, no 16-32 to provide a finer feed. The 96s were used as driven gears to get the fine feeds, once the 16 was available there was less need for the extra large driven gears.
      Berkeley, Calif.
      In a message dated Wed Dec 18, 2013 11:21 pm (PST), wa5cab writes:
      The 10D (and the add-on threading components for the 10A/B/E) and the
      Craftsman 101.07400 and 101.07401 were originally supplied with two 96T gears.
      The lead screw thread pitch on all 9", 10" and 12" machines that had lead
      screws was 8 tpi.
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