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85416threading cylinders

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  • Rick Sparber
    Dec 19, 2013

      Recently I had to single point turn 32 TPI into a 1-1/8” diameter cylinder and then cut the mating nut. I used the standard thread profile for Unified threads but guessed at the major diameter of the nut. I was off by 15 thou on the radius which meant that I had to keep taking passes until it fit. The result works fine but the procedure was less than satisfying.


      I studied my Machinery’s Handbook 23rd edition (page 1486 below table 3c) and found that for an arbitrary diameter and arbitrary TPI, I have to go back to the ANSI Standard where there are basic design equations. MH did not give these equations AFAIK. I see on the web that I can buy the entire ASME/ANSI B1.1 – 2003 standard but only want the equations. Does anyone  have them? I plan to write an article explaining how to use them and develop a spreadsheet to make it easy and error free.


      Thanks in advance,