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8539Re: [atlas_craftsman] Re: Not your average bench lathe...

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  • Jim Irwin
    Feb 1, 2001
      During my senior year in college (Texas A&M) I worked for a large aluminum door
      & window company there (Alenco). Designed extrusion dies and various workplace
      special tools. The small extrusion press had a 6ft dia ram and operated at 3000+
      psi! Take a 6in. diameter billet of aluminum up to near melting temp and then
      squeeze it at that pressure (432,000 psi!) and it flows like toothpaste!

      Somebody had to bore that cylinder, and turn and finish that ram on some big-ass
      machinery! Later, after I was gone, they got a BIG press. 9ft bore for 9 inch

      Manly machinery, to be sure!

      Best regards,

      Jim Irwin
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