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84562drillbits , dirt cheap + tips

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  • Jack Jennings
    Oct 1, 2013
      My experience with drill bits from Harbor Freight parallels Paul's.
      I have two of their 115 piece sets (one plain and one pretty
      "titanium nitride coated" ) and they have both served me well, the
      plain ones for ten years. In addition I have purchased and used
      drills from their multiple packs of the same size (the plain, not
      coated) as replacements when needed and for special purposes and they
      have been satisfactory.

      Like James, I use a Drill doctor to sharpen them when necessary.

      In addition I have one of their large "Silver & Deming" set up to 1"
      that have drilled lots of holes in old rusty farm equipment with not

      It might be that Harbor Freight has quality control problems and I
      got lucky. I'm also happy with most of their abrasive products,
      however have found their saw blades to be awful.


      Re: drillbits , dirt cheap + tips
      Posted by: "Paul" paul_probus@... paul_probus
      Date: Mon Sep 30, 2013 9:09 am ((PDT))

      On the contrary, I have bought quite a few sets of those $10 HF
      specials and aside from one set where there were some mis-ground
      bits, I have been pleasantly surprised by them.

      I would agree that they can be ground better, I spent $80 on a 29 pc.
      Craftsman set in the early '90's and they did drill cleaner holes,
      when new, compared to the HF cheapies. But I have not found any of
      the unhardened or grossly mis-made horrors that others say they have
      found (and I found in a set from a different distributor). As I said
      earlier, I think it was the first set I bought had some that were not
      ground properly in the smaller sizes, all the other sets have been
      very good and useable right from the crappy index they come in.

      I did buy a 115 pc. set (letter, number and fractional in one) from
      either Homier or Cummins(Toolsnow) after having good luck with the
      HF's and they are horribly made. I made the mistake of assuming HF
      and Homier/Cummins had the same supplier and thought the 115pc set
      would be OK, too.

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