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  • cliveadams79
    Oct 1, 2013
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      "I am very fond of my Atlas (10F), but I wouldn’t part with it ( literally and figuratively :>) ) "

      I  know where you're coming from . . . it can be a trial!


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      I would agree with Doc that one should be careful of generalisations . I have tools and instruments which have come from all over during the years and it has been interesting to see how quality , and more importantly quality control has evolved . FWIW the worst wrench set I have was made in the USA ( about 30 years ago) , my best and worst chucks both come from the UK , I have a Taiwanese chuck that is on par with my best UK chuck , my best and worst callipers both come from Japan , and my best and worst ring spanners both come from Germany . Not always possible , but try it or ask someone who has first . This and other similar forums help with that and is appreciated ,
      I am very fond of my Atlas (10F) , but its manufacturing and design compromises are obvious if I compare it to my Myford of a similar age – but I wouldn’t part with it ( literally and figuratively :>) )
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       blanket condemnation w/out personal  emperical evidence for  the particular  item in  question is ususally suspect  & carrys  the not so  faint odor  of unsupported predjudicial opinions.......while  there is  still plenty  of  garbage  at harbor frt , their quality  AND price  have  been  steadily  increasing  ,,&  yes  quality  cud  hardly  go any other  way ,,,so comparisons  of different  sets  of  bits  and  from different  time  frames , is  apples  &  oranges
         i remember  seeing  wrench sets early on at h/frt & i thot  ,"no way  wud a chineese  mechanic use this  crap"...surely  they  must  make  better  stuff than this........much later  i bought a combination wrench  set  up to abt an inch or a  little  more., for an  xtra  set  in  the  garage ...chrome vanadium w/ a  "snap on  polish"....properly  sized  & have  withstood 18 in  cheater  w/ out  snapping  nor mushing .....leather  wrench  roll, but once  again , everything  first class xcept one  thing :......stupidly  faced  w/ plastic ., which  did not  last  a  year ...i  replaced it  w/sewing on part of  a  blue  jean leg ....
        i later  bought sets  for  two sons ...it has  been  maybe  10 years  & i have  heard  no complaints...
          .FWIW ..china  is  not alone  in  producing  garbage .....i remember  when  anything  from  japan received  the  same pejorative  comments  as  china  stuff today ,that  was  more than 60 yrs  ago  ..........today  , made in  japan labels  are  desireable .....west  germany  stuff after  WW2  was  not  upp to the ususal german standards.......and  just  for the  record ...i remember  the garbagy  tools  i biought in the five & ten cent  stores as a  kid just  before  WW2 &  during,, cause it was all the  money i could come up with  ...all AMERICAN  made, & as cheaply  fabricated as  posssible .
          best  wishes
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      Actually, you are more-or-less proving that quality is extremely variable in
      those "sets". The ones with the gold colored coating ar the worst..... I'd
      almost believe a set with no coating... they aren't trying to hide anything
      behind the "bling". But teh gold coating (supposedly titanium nitride) is
      usually a marker for utter crap in cheap sets.

      If you buy decent drills (garage sales and tag sales are a great source)
      then you will get far better results.

      But please... suit yourself


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      > On the contrary, I have bought quite a few sets of those $10 HF specials
      > and aside from one set where there were some mis-ground bits, I have been
      > pleasantly surprised by them.

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