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  • Jon Elson
    Jul 31, 2013
      Robert Vessar wrote:
      > Wel Jon if you could read better you would have read I never called
      > any one anything I said the come across as.
      Close enough! Really, if you had been reading this group, there is
      NO flaming, coarse language or personal attacks. Don't try splitting
      hairs, either. If you don't get the answer you were looking for, it
      probably means you didn't ask the question precisely enough.
      Lathe prices depend on location, and how you are selling it.
      Private buyer, craigslist, eBay or whatever. In the rust belt
      there is likely ONE Atlas, South Bend or Logan in a basement or
      garage on almost ever block! In Hawaii, apparently, there is one
      per city! That makes a HUGE difference in what people will pay.

      So, it is REALLY hard to give a flat price, even without taking
      the condition of the machine into consideration. Also, given
      all that, a motivated buyer will pay way more than an occasional
      tinkerer. If you look at eBay, you will see prices all over
      the map on completed sales. (Auction listings are meaningless,
      only look at the completed ones.)

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