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82865Re: Never Buy A Cheap Reamer!

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  • MikeyT
    Jun 2, 2013
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      I bought a medium quality finish reamer from Enco a few years back, in both 3MT and 2MT, I've used them both on several tailstock and spindle repairs, and they work fine, but you do have to get some good and controllable pressure on them to cut anything, ie applying pressure by hand goes nowhere fast. I used the milling attachment and carriage to apply pressure, with the spindle turning very slow, a couple of revolutions and I was done. One of the tailstock rams was in pretty bad condition, same arrangement with the ram removed from the tailstock and chucked up (I used a keyway in the ram slot, acting as a driver against the chuck jaw to prevent the ram from spinning in the chuck, as it is too hard to hold in the chuck without slipping), that one took more than just a few revolutions, but it cut quite well, and cleaned up nicely.
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