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82829RE: [atlas_craftsman] Never Buy A Cheap Reamer!

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  • Carvel Webb
    Jun 1 3:43 AM

      OK Doc J - one of my (very) early experiences with your ‘torch’ was to heat and quench a large centre punch which I had proudly made on the lathe . Only after numerous unsuccessful attempts at heating and quenching did some kind soul explain to me that mild steel doesn’t harden ! !


      Live and learn


      So what do we call a “torch” – the one that emits light for illuminating bores – in your part of the world ?


      Best regards,




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      Carvel ...he he  he ..when i  first  read  your  post  , ( quickly )  , i thot  you meant  what  does the  REAMER   look like  after  you destroyed it w/  an  oxy  acetylene torch ...i can  remember  at least  one project  gone  wrong  that  i  took an  8 # sledge  to ....but i  still keep a 1/2 reamer  that looks  like a  bannana after i dropped it  flat  to quench it after  hardenening ..( way  down on the  learning  curve ).  his  reamer may still need an o/a torch   to maybe  harden  it ..

         .i.forgot the  across the  pond use  of  'torch"  for  a  moment ....

         always  enjoy  your  helpful  posts

       best  wishes


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      All that should have happened was to remove a burr ( maybe) and "polish" the
      taper , which would have been a very small chip - having had a go at it
      what does the taper look like with a strong torch ?



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      Hi Gang,

      Well, I had some time yesterday to go out and mess around with my 10F and
      see if I could get the tailstock cleaned up a bit with the new MT2 reamer.

      After spending more time than should have been necessary, I have
      accomplished nothing! I couldn't cut one single chip with the new
      MT2 reamer!

      I followed tubalcain's (mrpete222 on YouTube) instructions on using reamers
      and although he seemed to have no troubles getting at least a small amount
      of chips, all I accomplished was to heat the reamer up a very slight amount.
      (yes, I was using it by hand, not power reaming) I also never spun the
      reamer backwards, I remembered that advice from long ago.

      It seems the only luck I am having finding anything other than Chinese
      reamers is if I go with Grizzly, and they sell tools from India!!! I don't
      know what's worse!

      So anyway, moral of the story is, there are some cheap tools that are really
      too cheap!

      Anyway, I now have a cool paper weight!


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