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82042Re: [atlas_craftsman] Oiling My "New" Timken Headstock

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  • jtiers
    Apr 5, 2013
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      You are both right.....
      The felt DOES filter the oil.  While it obviously does not keep out micron-sized crud, it keeps any of the usual swarf and dust out of the bearing, which is an essential function.  You need that.
      And, yes, too much oil is bad, in some cases (but not with the lathe bearings) it can destroy the bearing.   The entire design of the Atlas bearing lube system is unsuited to a steady stream of oil..... but it should let "enough" through, and a squirt every few hours should be able to keep "enough" lube in place.   The bearings only really need enough to keep the cages from wearing down the rollers. That amount is plenty for the rollers against the races, where only a trace is really required.
      You can refer to bearing books for confirmation, the "New Departure bearing handbook" is pretty good, and was widely distributed... I see copies of the two volume set fairly regularly.
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      While the felt might filter the oil somewhat, its main purpose is to very slowly feed oil to the bearings.
      Flooding them does little good and leaves them dry pretty quickly. No matter how much oil is present, only the tiniest bit of it does the work. Still that tiny bit is critical to bearing life and smooth operation.

      Consider the ball bearings in a 2 cycle engine, lubricated by a mist of 50:1 dilution in gasoline.
      It don’t take much.

      Jim Irwin

      On 4/4/13 11:51 AM, "Glenn N" wrote:

      That sounds about right to me.  The bearing shields retain a bit of oil down in the bearings and as long as you give it a squirt every day you use it the oil will do it's thing.  The main reason for the felt is to filter the oil.  
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