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  • smudgemo1
    Mar 2, 2013
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      Anthony, thanks for the willingness to help, but there is no need to take this any further right now. I was simply trying to take the book's information and turn it into possible practical applications for the lathe I have. Nothing more than that at the moment.

      I do intend to play around with it in the future, but right now I just want to think about the possibilities.

      I would like to cut a replacement for the nylon gear for my grizzly mill that sheared a few weeks ago. It's back-ordered until April of course, but by the time I figure it out and do the job, the replacement will show up. So I'll just keep focused on making bicycles for now.

      BTW, any metal working clubs in our area? I'm in Kensington.


      --- In atlas_craftsman@yahoogroups.com, anthrhodes@... wrote:
      > Ryan,
      > On the 6" lathe I seem to recall the tooth count is 62. I counted this a
      > long time ago so I could be mistaken and there's no reason why the 9", 10",
      > or 12" lathes would be the same. 60 indexing holes in the face as reported
      > elsewhere. 60 is a "natural" number for this purpose, having many values
      > for equal divisions, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, and 60.
      > I've read Ivan Law's book as I'm interested in gears, haven't read Harold
      > Halls, but have read many other sources on dividing and indexing.
      > What is it that you want to do? If you're thinking about using the
      > headstock for dividing purposes there are a number of solutions which have been
      > well documented and at least one solution which I've never seen published.
      > Tell us a bit of what you know so that we don't spend an excessive amount
      > of effort on that info so that we may be able to provide information of
      > which you are not aware already.
      > Anthony
      > Berkeley, Calif.
      > ***********************************************
      > In a message dated Thu Feb 28, 2013 7:25 pm (PST), smudgemo1 writes:
      > So on my recent vacation which started and ended with five-hour flights, I
      > took Ivan Law's "Gear Cutting" and Harold Hall's "Dividing"So on my
      > recent vacation which started and ended with five-hour flights, I took Ivan
      > Law's "Gear Cutting" and Harold Hall's "Dividing"<WBR>; books. It doesn't
      > appear to be listed in the 12x36 Atlas manual, but does anyone know how many
      > teeth the bull wheel has? What about the holes drilled in the side (which
      > appear to be set between each tooth presumable totaling the same number)? There
      > is a pi
      > I tried to grab a photo, but the camera's card isn't cooperating, and I
      > suspect anyone that knows the answer doesn't need a photo.
      > Nothing urgent, but I'd like to investigate possibilities to better
      > understand the books noted above.
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