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80961Re: Almost running, but I got a weird question.

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  • lustsoul_2000
    Feb 1, 2013
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      It downloaded just fine at work. I think my interenet at home just kept botching the download.

      --- In atlas_craftsman@yahoogroups.com, wa5cab@... wrote:
      > Glen,
      > The Group only has a manual on one of the at least several gear box models
      > but download the file in the Group's Manuals...Accessories folder that is
      > (erroneously) named Atlas QC Gearbox.PDF (it's actually a Craftsman
      > 101.201451). Installation steps 7, 15 and 16 tell what to do with the bolt, nuts and
      > washers. Note that there are some typos in the manual that I will fix when
      > I get around to it. In step 7, the nut referred to as (8) is shown in
      > Figure 5 as (B) and the nut referred to as a jam nut that attaches the bolt to
      > the leg is not ID'd. It also does not tell you to install a flat washer on
      > the bolt before you run down and tighten the jam nut. A washer is clearly
      > shown in Figure 9 on the next page.
      > Robert D.
      > In a message dated 01/30/2013 15:57:27 PM Central Standard Time,
      > godlessdavis0@... writes:
      > > I'm down to just one part on my 12 inch Commercial lathe. I'm still
      > > waiting on the lead screw, hopefully it is the right one.
      > >
      > > I bought a new support bracket for the quick change box (it was 20 bucks
      > > from Clausing).I got it installed, but I am not sure what to do with the
      > > bottom slotted hole. The top hole holds the banjo, but I can't figure out that
      > > bottom hole. The part number is L6-1002, and you can see it on page 16 of
      > > the model 28990 manual. It looks like it has a machine bolt and a couple of
      > > jam nuts that might go in the bottom hole of the bracket. Is this just to
      > > add tension to the banjo, or maybe to keep it from flexing? I'm very
      > > confused.
      > >
      > > I still need to find a chuck for it, but I hope to be making parts on it
      > > in just a couple more weeks.
      > >
      > > It is still missing the auto cross feed gear assembly, but I can probably
      > > live without that for awhile.
      > >
      > > Thanks
      > > Glen
      > >
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