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794[atlas_craftsman] Re: re: Tool Bit Help

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  • Ronald Thibault
    Jul 1, 1999
      At 02:34 PM 6/30/99 MDT, you wrote:
      >One of the Fine Woodworking books (Making Machinery & Tools, I think)
      >treats this from a different angle. The problem there is to generate a
      >molding head cutter with a particular shape. Most of these heads have the
      >cutters mounted at an angle to the axis of rotation/wood to be cut. The
      >same techniques used to generate a particular shape should work for lathe
      >bit contour work. If you would like, I could find the article, and give
      >you further details.
      >Good luck

      I'd appreciate that!

      Ronald Thibault
      North Augusta, SC USA

      Builder Miinie #2
      Captain R/C Combat Ship USS Arizona


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