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721[atlas_craftsman] Re: Bench for 12x36 lathe, opinions

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  • wd8jik@hgo.net
    Jun 9, 1999
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      > Please visit:
      > http://members.home.net/escarcega/Image14.jpg
      > Let me know what you think of this bench for mounting my Craftsman
      > 12"x36" lathe. I was thinking of replacing the top with 2 doubled up Solid
      > Core Doors. Will this be stable enough? Its a nice bench and I already have
      > it. Otherwise I was going to build a stand out of heavy 4" square tube steel.
      > Can I level up and get good service out of the lathe on the top I propose or
      > should I just make a steel stand. (I'll loose the bench as I don't have that
      > much room in the garage.
      > To Ron, you put yours on an old Steel Case Desk. Has this been stable
      > enough for you? No problems with taper or a racked bed?
      > Thanks guys!
      > Marty
      > Keeper of the list


      I found a nice work bench at a local mall, Sam's club. With a little beefing up the top, I think it would make a good table for my lathes, 9" Atlas and Sherline. It has two drawers and a nice pegboard bach with a steel over hang on the top. May be able to put florescent strip light on it.

      I'm using and old wood bench i made 25 years ago, now time to retire it to the garage.

      The Mfg. is,

      Rapid rack industries inc.

      name of item is,
      Delux Work Center

      price, 69.99

      Let you know how it works out when i get mine.



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